I will be $200 poorer come Friday- (also some questions)

  1. I went to the boutique today and bought the turtle keyfob and the legacy satchel -notreallysurewhatitiscalled-keyfob.

    i saw pics of some SUPER cute keyfobs coming out (my SA said) this summer. One was a dog with a bone and a fire hydrant and i think another charm was on there too. Another was this really pretty blue signature oval locket keyfob. There was also a parrot!! blue, with a big yellow beak and a signature brown tummy. i can't wait!

    I saw the smaller version of this bag in person:

    They are getting some in on friday, and i am SO tempted to get one!!! Do any of you have this type of bag? how do you like it? I'm worried i may not like the handles- (they may fall off my shoulder). Any advice is greatly appreciated!

    also, this will be my first major expensive (for me) bag purcahse, so i am of course a little hesitant. TALK ME INTO BUYING IT PLEASEEEEEE!

    it is so beautiful in person. the blue is a little darker but i think it is so rare a color and so different. i am drooling :drool: I love blue.

    Phew! thanks for reading through all that, and i will post pics of my new keychains tonight!

    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. ooh what i meant to say was they are getting the $198 version (larger) of this bag on Friday.
  3. The turtle is TOO cute! If you wanted to attach the turtle to a bag, like a charm, how do you do that?:smile:
  4. can't wait to see the parrot!
  5. I have the smaller version of the bag from a couple years ago. I can't really get it on my shoulder, but some people I know have the version you posted and the tote-sized one and it seems fine. I think double-straps are easier because they seem to fit better, on me anyway. Def. try it on in the store though and walk around and see if it is acceptable for you. I love the bag, it is good in the rain and hearty so I don't have to worry about it that much. I hope you get it. :smile:
  6. I get those lobster clip things that have a little o-ring on the bottom, so you put that through the keychain part and you can clip as needed. :p I have pics with the tPF charm if you want to see... I'd just have to dig them out.

    Anyhow... I love that blue bag!! It is adorable!! I got the turtle charm and this it would look CUTE with it too!! :yes:

    I have a nylon Hampton's tote from years back, and it is really versatile!! You should DEFINATELY get it!!
  7. That blue is gorgeous!!
  8. I looked at that blue bag today in another style! The blue is fabulous! I also got the tortoise key fob while I was there. What kind of dog is on the upcoming summer key fob? It sounds cute!
  9. I bought this in the green back in March...HAVEN'T USED IT YET! hehehe...waiting for summer. LOVE this bag..ADORE this bag...want to move INTO this bag. heheh.

    I'm not exactly thin, but I feel the straps sit well on my shoulder...sometimes I'll just hold it in the crook of my arm...I wouldn't be able to wear it over a jacket or anything...but over a thin hoodie it works well...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. those new keyfobs sound ADORABLE.. can't wait to see them when they come out!!
  11. ETenebris: it looked like a beagle type dog, but i was rushing and didn't get a good look at it. but is was adorable anyway! :smile:

    thanks for the photos. that green is TDF!!

    Do you find that it is easy to keep clean? Do the straps fall off of your shoulders a lot?

    i have never spent that much on a bag before so i am seriously freaking out!
  13. A parrot keyfob???? OMG! :yahoo: Hooray!!!!

    I :heart: Parrots! I have an entire room full of parrots! I will need to buy a few of those for sure.

    And I'm sure finzup will too. :yes: She is a fellow Jimmy Buffett Parrothead. :beach:

    i read another post saying they are toucans...sorry they looked like parrots to me... :sad:
    They are still adorable tho and i bet you will want one anyway :smile:
  15. A toucan....? :sad: Oh sure - just take all my happiness away! haha! :p Yep, I'll get the toucan!