i went with the marisa bag check out my pics!~ thanks girls

  1. thanks so much yall i ended up going with the marisa bag and I LOVE IT SO MUCH so cute!!! here is a photo i took today while shopping in burbank!!!
    new bag.JPG
  2. Amy, that bag looks GREAT on you! Congrats on your new purchase. Love it!
  3. Looking great. Congratulations on the new hand bag
  4. Congratulations..it looks awesome on you :smile:
  5. Adorable! You look so content with your new bag.... I can't tell which color it is? Enjoy!
  6. woohoo!!! congrats Amy! the bag looks amazing on you!
  7. congrats! lovely bag and looks great on you too!!!
  8. awww thanks everyone! the color is mushroom just the brown color not the reddish brown mauve.. it looks really good though, the detail is amazing.. thanks hehe
  9. Hey Amy---Love the new bag! Fabulous T-shirt!!

    I love your RY t-shirt, I have the same one!!