I went wedding gown shopping and found *THE ONE*!

  1. I had 4 apts at 4 different bridal stores today - beginning at 10:00am and ending at around 6:00pm - I tried on over 40 dresses - 8 hours of dress shopping!!! But I felt *IT* in the last dress, in the last store.

    Here are the contenders - 1 shop which had 2 of our other favorites didn't let us take pictures - so these are from the ones we could that we liked

    *note* this was just dress shopping - so obviously my hair and makeup won't be like this for the wedding - but I do want my hair up, and pretty simple. :smile: *SQUEE!!*

    The contenders/final runner ups:

    Just cute one with veil:
  2. *The One* - :yahoo: the pictures do it NO justice - and it was my last dress of 40+ and the end of my 8 hours of standing - these dresses are HEAVY!!! So by this time my makeup looked like crap and I just am exausted!
  3. Excellent choice - it looks absolutely stunning on you! From the looks of the photos, t doesn't even look like it need much altering, looks like it was made for you. Congratulations, your exhausting day was well worth it:yes:
  4. Excellent choice!!! I love the dress you picked and I also love #2!!
  5. OMG! I just realized who it was! OMG, you look so fabulous!!!!! :smile: I'm so happy for you...Did I somehow miss that you and your boyfriend are getting married???
  6. Great chioce. It really makes you look amazing, you definetly have the waist to go with such a dress! :tup:
  7. It's actually clipped onto me - lol. I'm a size 00 - and most of the dresses I went to were in size 8 or 10 - and then they make one to your size - so all the dresses above are a good 6 sizes to big on me - and the attendant has these CRAZY strong like, super industrial strength clips and they pull all the fabric of the bodice to the back and CLIP it so it's holding snug to your body. Look closesly at the pictures up top - you'll see the clips - some are black in some pics, and orange in the others. For the last dress (*the one*) the clips were clear like fron hangers. On the last picture for *the one* - my hands are that way because I'm actually holding to fabric to me for the picture, lol.
  8. lol I guess so! :lol:

    We got engaged on Oct. 1st - I made a post (http://forum.purseblog.com/relationships-and-family/we-set-the-date-im-getting-married-194636.html), it was the most romantic experience of my life (thus far!). We're set to be married Oct 5, 2008 - we have the church and hall paid for and booked!
  9. Any jewelry/hair/makeup suggestions??

    With this dress I want my hair up - I bought that veil and head piece. I want to look vintage bride, couture-esq - so I'm thinking ...hmm... decisions, decisions...

    I was thinking I may not *need* a necklace - but definitely some sort of diamond bracelet. I was thinking diamond studs - my MOH offered to let me use hers - 1.5 carat studs (any bigger my ear would look like it was falling off! Tiny ears :p) - so that would be my *something borrowed* - squee!!

    But I'm totally open for opinions!!!
  10. You look beautiful! Congratulations with the engagement & good luck for your wedding!

  11. I love the simplicity of the last one - it's stunning! The skirt is amazing, with all that tulle it's like a princess dress (but a very grown up and classy one). Congrats!
  12. The One is definitely a winner!!! You look amazing! Congrats!
  13. Gorgeous dress...makes me want to go put mine on!
  14. Love that dress! And my favorite part is it doesn't look ....well, cookie-cutter as some dresses look.

    It is absolutely stunning on you.

    As far as jewelry, I totally agree with no necklace! I think something pretty, relatively larger, would look great.

    Yay! And congratulations on your engagement!
  15. You look beautiful in all those dresses!! But I absolutely LOVE the one you chose!! It's stunning!! :smile: