I went Totally GUCCI pictures

  1. So... I got so tired of waiting for LV to come up with something practical and that I would really love so I decided not to be so "narrow" and look other brands for bags and went to Gucci while I was in Spain last month.

    I had such a great time and they had so much more options for guys... really elegant and the prices where great

    I am so much IN LOVE with my new Gucci bags, I am really enjoying them probably more than any other bags I've owned ever :nuts:

    Here is what I got:

    First I needed a Tote and I fell in love when I saw this altough it looks and it is quite delicate for the color :push:. I had to have it


    and this one is my new baby I haven't used it yet, had no idea how beautiful guccissima leather was and got this for university:


    Anybody has a bag in the same fabric on the tote ?? any tips on keeping it clean and/or care will be appreciated and also can somebody tell me how guccisiima leather ages and wears?

    Tnx for looking

  2. i really love the first one!
  3. Great bags! Congrats! Sorry, I don't have a tote that fabric, so not sure how easy or difficult it is to care for. The guccissima bags I have wear well, but I am not really using them everyday as I rotate bags.
  4. I like both of those bags very much. The leather looks more "wintery" to me,though,of course,you could use the lighter colored one all year long as necessary. I am sure the Gucci stores could provide care tips.
  5. great choices!!! i love guccissima leather. I don't own one at the moment but would like to have one if budget permits! hehehe
  6. Waw great purchases! love your bags :nuts: and welcome to the Gucci-club;)!
    Guccissima leather is soooo nice!
  7. I adore your tote!I saw one like it in ARUBA Gucci and it really caught my eye!
  8. Great bags! Congrats!
  9. Congrats... Love them
  10. Congratulations.
  11. That tote is really nice!!!

  12. yummy!
  13. Love your Guccissima leather messenger! Congrats on the two great bags. You might want to ask the Gucci boutique for recommendations on a bag cleaner, just in case.

    I've a Guccissima hobo, but I've not used it as an everyday bag, so I don't don't know how it ages.
  14. Love the 1st bag! Congrats!
  15. congrats! I LOVE the first one!:tup::heart: