I went to woodbury outlet ... and I broke my ban ...

  1. Last saturday I went to woodbury outlet just for a *walk*. I wasn't planning on buying anything, but then I went to gucci store...browsing and trying their handbags for a little bit, and then there's this bag at the corner caught my eyes. I tried it on and immediately fell in love!

    But I'm currently on ban and my next bag purchase would be in xmas :sad:. I was hesitant at first but my bf kept telling me to get it. It was marked down from $1850 to $759, so after tax it was $820. :tup:

    So...I went home with her...feeling guilty...but happy :graucho:

    What do you guys think? :confused1:
    gc1.JPG gc2.JPG g1.JPG
  2. bag is gorgeous!! you can't pass up a deal like that! :smile:
  3. Great bag and such a good deal! Congrats!
  4. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Beautiful & great deal. I'm going to have to make a stop at Woodbury soon!
  6. Thanks! u guys making me feel better about breaking my ban :blush:
  7. Yaaaa that's a keeper!! Great price too!

    What other bags did you see at Woodbury?
  8. Love it.... it is worth breaking your ban for... congrats!!!!
  9. i love it, congrats.
  10. Great deal and gorgeous bag:tup:
  11. I love it!!!! I love the size, just everything (and the price!!) hollaa!!
  12. Congrats! nice bag!
  13. the ones I remember are :

    -princy small hobo in black leather
    -abbey medium shoulder (w/ double straps) bag in black (either leather or canvas)
    -charmy medium shoulder bag (pink trim)
    -eclipse shoulder bag (pink trim)
    -small biba studded hobo (white trim)
    and some clutches and theres a boston bag behind the cashier counter, i didnt really take a look

    and some other bags that i dont know the name because i never see it on gucci online. :confused1:
  14. freaking gorgeous! Love it and what a deal. congrats
  15. WOW...GREAT find!!!! What a gorgeous bag!!! :love: :yahoo: