I went to TJ's today!!

  1. I went to Old Navy to pick up some capri's since they were having a sale and decided to stop in TJ Maxx's while I was there...just to see if I would have any luck finding anything. I DID find some stuff, a poppy bag that I really should have picked up in case anybody wanted it, but I didn't...as well as a few bumble bee bags.

    If you're in the Brandywine, Delaware area make sure to stop in if you're looking for any of those bags!

    P.S. I did find some sinfully good chocolate truffles. I don't know who makes them but they had raspberry gnosh filling. HEAVENLY!!! :heart:
  2. I saw some of those bumblebee bags at Marshall's this weekend too (Cols, Oh)
  3. It seems that they all got the same supply, I saw the poppy demi at TJ's and the straw bumble bee at Marshall's.
  4. My local outlet had a great number of the straw bumble bee wristlet that's really cute.
  5. i've been seein the Poppey bags in Loehmans for quite awhile now...and the fish bags too! (Tysons Corner and out by Fair Lakes, VA)
  6. i want that fish bag...or even the bubble bee one but none here...
  7. poppy bags?!??!?!?! big ones???!!?!?
  8. Nope, it was the white leather demi.
  9. I stopped at my TJ Maxx yesterday and they had the large poppy tote there as well. I had picked one up a few weeks ago from there for 229.00 and was SO excited. Yesterday, I found the cutest black map bag, perfect for my new teaching job! Oh, how I LOVE TJ maxx!! :smile:
  10. My friend wants to go back to Old Navy next week so I'll make sure to stop back into TJ's to look for a black bag...even though I really want the small black signature Ergo...

    They had a ton of other designers there for really great prices!!
  11. i still kick myself every day for losing that poppy tote for 175 on eBay :sad: