I went to the store today! Help me decide!

  1. I went by the mall today just so I could see all the new Coach stuff and pick out something to buy, but there's so much I can't decide. I want something with the legacy stripe but I can't decide if I want the little top handle pouch, the wristlet, or just the little coin purse. What do you guys think? I'm also eyeing the new beaded stuff. My max is around $150 since I just got the braided soho hobo (I'm in LOVE) and another bag last week. I like the beaded top handle pouches and the signature stripe demi also. Help me decide!
  2. I know it is so hard. I really like the legacy stripes. The coin purse is really cute and so is the pouch.
  3. I'd nix the demi personally.
    And since you bought two bags already, maybe focus on acessories then?
    So I'd go with the wristlet and the coin purse, although I think its alot to pay for something to carry coins, I love mine to DEATH. Maybe a beaded skinny as well?
  4. ^^But then again I haven't seen the new stuff yet, so I might have suggested somethign else if I had.
  5. i would go for all accessories...striped wristlet and keypouch are my votes.
    the beaded skinny is absolutely too cute!
  6. I love the top handle pouch, that would look cute when you are carrying just a few things or you could toss it in a larger bag.
  7. Oh when will the site be updated!
  8. I love the new wallets with the stripes, but heck they cost more then some of the bags I want....I saw someone with the little coin purse the other day, it was attached to her bag, really cute.
  9. I like the stripes. It's so hard, like being a kid in a candy store!
  10. ^^LOL! My sentiments exactly!
  11. Update: I got the Legacy stripe top handle pouch, which is so cute, but I'm still not sure:confused1: , so convince me that I made the right decision! I only carry a small wallet, my checkbook, keys, razr, aveda lipsaver, and lipgloss, so it all fits. Look, I'm trying to convince myself!!! :yes:
  12. I for one think you chose wisely! Pics please!
  13. My new babies:
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the braided soho hobo and my new pouch!

    Sorry for the cell phone pics. I can't buy a new camera-I have purses to buy!
    purse.JPG untitled.JPG
  14. I love love love them! Great choices. I have been thinking about getting the braided hobo in tobacco, hmmmmmmm.
  15. ^ I like the tobacco too, but I fell in love with the white one and had to have it.