I went to the Seattle Outlet today

  1. So I went to the Seattle Outlet today and couldn't resist and bought an Inferno bocce! It took me forever to pick one!! There were still 3 left and I asked April if there were any more Inferno bags and she said no. (there was only one Inferno luna on the floor), there were many Adios Star bags (zucca, denaro..the rest I really can't remember), paradiso ciao ciao, paradiso bocce, a few bianco bags, a couple original portatelefonos & canguro.

    Anyways, I asked them about Pirata and they said that they'll be getting it on July 13th, however, it would only be 10% off at that time and April said she probably won't put it out on the floor. But in AUGUST, she'll put it out and it'll be 25% off at that time.
  2. [​IMG] picture w/ my bocce :love:
  3. Oooooo, that's so cute! I have a million inferno bags, but no bocce -- now you're making me want one of those too! :nuts:
  4. cute! looks a lot bigger than i thought! ....must resist another purchase.....
  5. I know!! I loved it in-person and I didn't buy anything else at the outlet so I got it before I came home! I guess I justified the purchase by selling my inferno denaro and porta on LJ which I barely used.
  6. congrats on your new bocce!:biggrin:
  7. congrats on your inferno bocce!!! :biggrin:
  8. cute >_____<
    i love inferno!!
  9. very adorable bocce, congrats on your new purchase :smile:
    btw, i thought i saw the list somewhere in the forum and pirata is already out on 25% off?
  10. South Hampton has Pirata for 25% off. Seattle has to wait - something about a contract that affects only their store.