I went to the Playboy Mansion!

  1. What a trip! I thought about posting this in the celeb section, but since the only quasi-celeb I saw was Scott Bajio (sp?) I didn't think it qualified. It was quite an experience, I have to say- I fed the spider monkeys, took pics with some playmates (who were unbelieveably NICE), swam in the grotto:nuts: (with a bikini on) and of course, watched some girls do some not so innocent stuff, but, heck, it's the Playboy Mansion- everything you kinda expect!
  2. why?

    What was the event?
    Sounds like an experience!

  3. OH I'm so jealous. :p
  4. I bought my boyfriend a trip for a "Playboy Poker Camp" and the closing night was a party at the mansion! believe me, every guy there was like, "You buy the best presents!" haha
    the DJ was this sexy blond- and she was Topless!!
  5. I want to go too!
  6. hahah Sounds like good times!! Your boyfriend must have loved his present!
  7. That is quite possibly the best gift EVER!!!!
  8. LOL! :roflmfao: I bet your boyfriend was thrilled :nuts:
  9. Pics!!!!!
  10. he had the cheesiest ear to ear smile all night long- even the next morning, I think:p
  11. I don't know how to post pics, but i'll try to figure it out...
  12. OMG...cool!!!
  13. tell me if this works...
    playboyblk093 Small Web view.jpg
  14. Yep, the pic works!
  15. good! ok, here's a few more...hef's star in front of the mansion; the dj; even the inner-tubes for the pool have ears!
    playboy 102 Small Web view.jpg playboy 133 Small Web view.jpg playboy blk105 Small Web view.jpg