I went to the outlet today

  1. and got the 10125 black/gunmetal tote! I have wanted this for so long and was so happy they had it...They even had a matching wristlet, it was like it was meant to be ;) My question is...I think that bag came with a larger hangtag along with the ordinary coach one and little silver round one...am I right? The one I got there did not have one on it...can I email Coach and ask for another, or since it is so old, will I not be able to find it....TIA!!
  2. I typed in that # and got the reversable totes....and they are supposed to have a larger tag along w/ the usual Coach hangtag, but if it's just the regular Sig Stripe tote in black/gunmetal, then it's not supposed to have another tag w/ it. Is it reversable?
  3. I have the reversible black/white tote and it does have that larger tag. Do you know if you got a regular sig stripe tote, or the reversible one?
  4. wow what a great find! maybe it was a return? and you mean the luggage tag right? yup it should have one.
  5. yes it is reversible....and I mean the luggage tag yes, it's been a long day ;) Do you think I can email Coach and get another?
  6. it doesnt hurt to try!
  7. What a great find! Congrats! How much were those at the outlets?
  8. I wanna see pictures! I love the idea of a "gunmetal" color!
  9. GREAT FIND ;) post pics! i wanna see.
  10. i wanna see pics too! congrats on getting what u wanted at the outlet- that's always so exciting! i'll be going to the atlantic city outlet in 2 weeks, hope i get lucky too!! :smile: