I went to the outlet today! Pictures of the Window Set.

  1. I went to the Woodbury Common Outlet. There was not much there. I got a new agenda and a wristlet. The price of the Agenda was $ 74 and the wristlet was $34. The Legacy Stripe Stuff is not from the Outlet. They are items I ordered from 1 -800 Coach. I did include pictures of the window set so you gals can see what they have right now. Really nothing to write home about.
    IMG0001_1.jpg IMG0001_3.jpg IMG0002_1.jpg
  2. Wow, that's one of the most boring floorsets I've seen in a while.

    That aside, I am SO in love with that scribble ponytail scarf!! It kills me that my closest outlet is over 3 hours away. *tragic sigh* Damn you geography!!
  3. The pony-tail scarf is cute though! I do like the blue and brown combo though.
  4. Thanks for the pictures! I always love hearing about what the outlets have. :yes:
  5. Thanks!

    Headed to the outlet tomorrow.
    Maybe get a bee scarf.
    Nothing else caught my eye in the pics (I already have the Legacy stripe items)!

  6. I agree with you. It really was one of the most boring floorsets. I won't be going to the Outlets until the summer.
  7. yea nothing that great there, the only 2 bags i like in those pictures, are from the pic on the left with the shelves, the middle row the brown and the light blue with the front pockets, those are kiinda cute

    otherwise nothing great

    certainly not worth driving up there for

  8. I LOVE that ponytail scarf!
  9. Wow - I'm glad you took pics, saves me a trip! I do like that scarf too, though.
  10. Bessie:

    I think the new Floorset arrives on June 2nd around the time the Coach Boutiques get their new floorset.

  11. It looks like the gilroy floor sets that I saw a week ago. I do like the saddle color they have out right now. It is similiar to the whiskey color.
  12. I appreciate the pics. Nothing is calling me though.
  13. heh, i guess i'm in the minority. i was loving the bees and the blues!
  14. also, why can't i get my ponytail scarf to tie like that?!
  15. the only thing that caught my eye was the pucci outlet in the reflection. was there anything there?! lol.

    eta: thanks for posting the pics, though! that was really sweet of you.