I went to the LV store today

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  1. Okay.......So I went to the LV store today. I was THIS close to getting a Regular Batignolles, but ofcourse,my mom came up with a thousdand reasons why I shouldnt and couldnt get one, so I didnt. :sad:

    My SA showed me the Confeditial Release book, so SHHH!!!!!:supacool::boxing::sneaky:

    There are some new releases coming out so here they are:

    1. Gold, Silver, Blue Suhali Lockits

    2. Epi Lockits (Red, Ivorie, and some other color)

    3. Suhali Zippy Wallet

    4. Mirror Lockit

    5. MC and Damier Widescreen Ipod Cases

    6. Amarete (sp?)-------> Dark purple; new bag "Sunset BLV"

    7. Damier Sophie (Released in Hawaii, Guam, and somewhere else)

    8. Neverfull (Damier, Azur, and Mono)

    9. Neverfull Mini Pochettes (Damier, Azur, and Mono)

    10. Damier Sporty Bags (Damier and Azur)

    There were other bags, but I cant remember, cause this was all from memory. :Push::P

  2. epi lockit? I would love to see that! :P thanks for the info :heart:
  3. Oh yes, they also had an INDIGO braclet at the store, so if anyones interested, give them a call
  4. the one in the book was the regular one in RED!!
  5. the Suhali Zippy Wallet was so cute in the pic!!!
  6. Thanks for the info couture!!!!!!!!!
  7. aaah the neverfull in azur, would looove that! :heart:
  8. wow, so many new things, thanks for sharing!
  9. your welcome guys!!
  10. an epi lockit! :heart:, thanks!
  11. I think the Epi Lockits are coming out in the same month the Mirror ones are coming out.
  12. I can't wait for the Sporty/Berkeley or whatever they end up calling it. I went to LV today and the SA who helped me told me that they're unsure of the release date. Apparently it's already been released in EU but she said not until July or August here, I don't know what to believe! It's kinda frustrating, sometimes I feel like I am being lied to. She told me the price was $1530 CAD according to the computer... I can't wait for the new LV counter to open here, the flagship store has too many irregular SA's.
  13. thanks for the info!
  14. I saw the pre-look book, too. There's tons of stuff in there, I need to start saving. LOL.
  15. There are actually seven colors of the Suhali Lockit total. Not including the exotics.