I went to the LV store and came back with

  1. I have been recuperating from my hand, that I have forgotten to tell you guys that on Thursday I went to the LV store at the Beverly Center. That is the closest one to me. Anyways, I spent lie 2 hours there deciding what to buy! I was just going to look, but you know I didn't comeback empty handed! Anyways, I bought the groom cles!!!! I love it. At first I wasn't going to buy it because I hate the yellow color! But that little guy won me over!!! I bought my mom the epi black pocket agenda, and the refills, also the mono leopard scarf. I also bought my brother the mini agenda, and the dedalus refill! I also ordered the red groom agenda, from the 1866 number because my store did have them. Also, I almost forgot my SA did not know anything about the Damier Azur!
  2. I want to see pix of your scarf!:love:
  3. How awesome... congrats!
  4. Oh I forgot the pics! I took them from my cell phone camera, because my sis has my digi cam.
    100106_23011.jpg 100106_23071.jpg 100106_23091.jpg 100106_23101.jpg
  5. Gorgeous, gongratulations!
  6. There you go guys! I had to be extra quiet, because my parents are sleeping! I was scared my mom was going to wake up and see this!
  7. Oh I also bought her this:
  8. Great purchases I adore the scarf:love:
  9. I adore the groom and scarf! Congrats on the new pieces!
  10. That's such a Cute Leopard Scarf!!
  11. you're a great daughter and sister!! i lovee the groom cles and that scarf is beautiful, the only piece where leopard + mono looks good!
  12. Beautiful!!
  13. Congrats!!! :yahoo:
    All are so awesome :love:
    I do love the mono leopard scarf...very gorgeous :drool:
  14. I am SO in love with your scarve.....but quite expensive!!! is it chiffon??
  15. congratulation
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