I went to the London sale today

  1. A fun day out in London, but nothing for me to buy. :tdown:

    Normally I can always get shoes in the sale as I am a Eur41 Uk 8, but today they had all gone. Does this mean all H owners have big feet? Or just those in London?

    Anyway, to console myself I went to Bond St to have a quick browse and say "Good Luck" to my lovely SA who is getting married next week.

    Just looking mind you, not buying.

    Then, I saw something, before I had even got in the door.......any guesses?

    1 clue, it is a bag......
  2. WHAT?? :drool:

    Talk to us, please!!
  3. :popcorn:
  4. oh man, this teases stress me out . . . but I am not moving to you spill
  5. oh so exciting!!! a bag??? wow!
  6. Ok, take your pick ladies, left or right?
  7. :party::party::party:
  8. :nuts: and this is just over the orange bags :yahoo:
  9. I think its really sad I keep them! Cant bring myself to throw away anything orange!

    Come on! Left or right?
  10. LEFT:tup:
  11. oh c'mon!!!
  12. :popcorn:
  13. we're all too busy *refreshing* to post anything.
    SHOW US.
  14. Right ! Tee hee!
  15. ^^ lol