I went to the Legacy Boutique! -LONG!

  1. Yesterday my fiance took me down to NYC for the specific purpose of taking me to the Legacy Boutique on Bleecker St. I was sooooooo excited, I've been waiting a long time to go there!
    Sadly I didnt take any pictures, as I didnt feel it was appropriate, but I'll try to recap how much fun it was!
    My fiance called its location "a hole in the wall", but I really liked it because it was like a hidden gem! We went inside and were immeadiatly warmly greeted by all SA's. They asked if I had been in before and when I told them no, they took me around on a mini tour to show me some of the limited edition pieces, then let me browse on my own. I really liked how knowledgeable the SA's were, they really seemed passionate about the brand, and gave me lots of one-on-one attention. They also commented on my purse (65th anniv. tote) and a few of them even said something along the lines of, "We can tell you are a die-hard Coach fan!" haha Soooo true! They also offered us Fiji waters.
    I browsed through the store a few times, then an SA showed me a few hidden treasures... there were drawers and drawers full of keyrings, charms, scarves, etc. How freakin' FUN! haha
    I spent a good hour in the store, even though its really small. I was really hoping to take home a numbered piece, but sadly there was nothing that caught my eye. I practiced good self-control! I wanted to leave with something, so I bought some lipgloss b/c my boutique back home doesnt have it yet. The SA helped me try on all the colors before deciding which to get. Loved the one-on-one attention!
    I'm trying to think of all the limited edition pices they had. They had the ostrich and alligator pieces, and much of the stuff that has been on the Legacy Boutique page on Coach.com. They also had a few leather colors that were exclusive to them, green, pinks, yellowy-shades. There were a few things that they told me were Legacy Boutique exclusives that I swear I have seen at my boutique at home, but oh well thats ok! When we left, the SA gave us complimentary free coupons for a cupcake at Magnloia's bakery down the strret. Although when we got to Magnolia's, the line was waiting to get in the store was down the street! We didnt end up waiting, but it was a nice touch.
    Afterwards, we went to a few other Coach boutiques in the city, including my all time favorite on Madison Ave. They had the ostrich Lily XL!!!!! Soooooo gorgeous! My fiance told me to pick out a bag, and I tried to keep it on the less expensive side, and I really need a black bag so I chose a medium Carly. (all this time, I never liked Carly, and I've finally fallen for her!) Although I may go to my local boutique today and switch her for something else....
    Ok, this is incredibly long so I'll end here. All in all, it was an awesome Coach day, I'm so lucky that my fiance was ok with going to Coach stores all day! Legacy boutique was a great experience, and I'll def. go back in a few months once I hear word that they have new numbered pieces. OMG, I can't believe I typed this much. I truly am a a die-hard Coach freak! :lol:
  2. So glad you had such a great time! I would love to see the ostrich Lily in person.
    I would love to visit this store someday. Maybe once spring is here I'll talk dh into driving me there. We haven't been to NYC in a while so this is a good excuse to go.
    Keep your Carly:lol: she's a great bag , I think you will love it!:love:
  3. Aww.. your fiancee is a keeper!

    That was so nice of him to escort you to more than one coach store in one day. I hope I can visit the legacy boutique someday soon! (Im in Fl. and Ive never even been to NY)
  4. Sounds like you had a really great day! Enjoy your new Carly (or whatever you decide to exchange her for!).
  5. That sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for posting about your coach day. I felt like I was in the Legacy Boutique with you.:tup:
  6. What a sweetheart your fiance is for taking you there! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. My family and I are going to NYC for the first time in April as a late birthday celebration for me and you know that the legacy boutique is on my list of must see places!
  7. I am so happy for you!! I am hoping to go this summer.
  8. How fun!!! You described it so well I felt I was there!!!
  9. i'm glad you had fun!
  10. Sounds like you and your fiance had a really great time! I love hearing great Coach SA experiences. Makes me fall in love with Coach all over again! lol
  11. It sounds like you had a great day! Your fiance is sweet for taking you there! Thanks for sharing your experience! Great choice on the Carly! Did you get it in leather or signature?
  12. Sounds like you had fun! :nogood:
  13. I'm glad that you had a good time and congrats on the carly!
  14. i'm so happy for you...my bf is paying both our plane tickets to take me shopping in new york!! that's going to be among the many many places i stop lol
  15. I got the signature. I liked the leather better, but my whole purpose for getting a black bag was so that I have something I don't have to worry too much about. Like, if its snowing or raining a little, I cant take out my bags with suede trim or whiskey leather for example... so I wanted something I didnt have to worry about as much. Idunno though...maybe i should have gotten leather :shrugs: