I went to the Hayden Harnett store today

  1. I made my husband take me to the H-H store before we went grocery shopping and the store is so cute. There are bags, bags, bags everywhere. I tried on lots of them and a couple of jackets, too.

    For you ladies in NYC who missed out on the sale, there was a table with bags that were 50% off and smaller items like wallets and belts for 75% off. I didn't do the math until later, but I could have had a neat wallet for just $35! The bags that I remember were five mercer triple compartment bags in poppy, yellow, ink (?) and a couple of other colors. There were also three peach bags in a mercer clutch, lorca and something large. And there was a large something else, too.

    The salesclerk was very nice and let me wander and touch whatever I wanted without the tough sell. It is worth a visit.
  2. WOW-oh-wow, I am so jealous of you! How did you make it out of the store without purchasing anything?
  3. I didn't buy anything, but I realized I was carrying my HH salina bag, HH wallet and HH change purse. I honestly had no idea I was such a big fan of the brand!