I went to the designer forum...

  1. So I went to the designer forum and looked at all the various designers and guess what.....I do not like anything but, LV...no other brand did anything for me:wtf:...no drooling nothing:nuts:...in fact I did not like a lot of them:rolleyes:....Louis is the only brand that I like style wise....LV has got it going on for sure:tup::tup::tup:!

    Anyone else feel this way?
  2. Same for me. Nothing else appeals to me.. only once in a blue moon will I see a bag I like but I'll never buy it.. and thats it lol.
  3. pretty much the same for me.. every now and then I'll browse through the Dior, Gucci & Chanel forums but I'm always stuck on LV.
  4. Same for me. Except stuff that holds sentimental value and occasionally Hermes and Loewe (however I'm usually tunred off by those brands when faced with them IRL.. =-/)
  5. I love Chanel a lot , not feeling to much Gucci this season. I love a lot of LV's right now but I still love to look at other bags . LV has been taking my money though, it is hard to resist,
  6. nothing but hermes and Lv appeals to me but i dont have hermes money.
  7. I like Fendi but not enough to spend my vuitton money on them
  8. LV still holds the greatest pull for me. Once in a while I go into the Chanel forum, but just to look. Nothing really is calling out my name from any other designers. Went to Bottega Veneta's forum this afternoon and that didn't do anything for me either.
  9. Lol It's exactly how I feel about Hermes and Loewe bags too. I don't think Louis Vuitton can compete with Hermes scarves though.
  10. Yes!! I'm stuck on LV!!!
  11. Same for me
  12. Typically it is LV all the way, but I do adore Chanel and lately have been figthing the urge to cheat! I know bad, bad, bad! Usually I only have eyes for LV, but the fall collection has not captivated me as much as I had hoped, KWIM.
  13. I like to browse around the other forums, but I usually don't find much to tempt me.
    However, I am totally lusting after one of the Chanel Camellia wallets or card holders.
  14. I'm not going to lie.. I've been thinking about buying a Gucci hard lately.

    But I just spent all of that money today on a COAT. Oh my god, that could have been a bag !!! Why did I do that ?!
  15. Same here. Nothing else appeals to me as much as LV.