I went to the Coach store to look and ended up buying! Pics included~

  1. I went to our local Coach store with a friend because I gave her a gift certificate for her birthday. I told myself, I am NOT going to buy anything!!! Bad move on my part, I ended up with 3 things and much more poor than when I came in~UGH!!! :wtf:

    I got the addison sunglasses in black, the dragonfly keychain and the bleeker leather wallet in black.

    I am going to post a picture of 2 of them plus the coach flats/loafers some of you asked me about. :smile:
  2. very nice, congrat's...
  3. It's a sickness we have. You KNOW when you set foot into the store, you just can't broWse. I've learned that the hard way. Plus, the first second I walk in there I swear all the girls jump and I see dollar signs in their eyes. Hahaha, I think I have a target on me that says "BIG SPENDER".
  4. cute, congrats! :tup: I know.. it is so hard to resisit temptation!!!! :wtf: If you are around an outlet at all those bleecker wallets have been there so that could save you a bit of that money. :yes:
  5. Cute wallet!
  6. So cute!!! Congrats
  7. Love the wallet! Temptation is just so evil, isn't it?!
  8. Very nice!! Congrats ;)
  9. We're going to the outlet this weekend just to pick up something but I know I'll come home with more than I went for lol.

    Very cute!
  10. nice haul!! congrats!
  11. I like your shoes!!

    I got the same pair at Dillard's right before Christmas! I love Coach shoes! :yes:
  12. Congrats! LOVE the Bleecker!
  13. Who could resist just looking at stuff in a coach store?:shrugs: Especially when you see those shoes,that wallet and then the lovely sunnies!!!:p
    Congrats!!! I love your new goodies!!!!:yes::yes::yes: