I went to the Coach outlet on a whim...

  1. Drove about an hour each way....

    :crybaby:What is wrong with me?

    I did get an id holder lanyard thing for cheap and the cutest wristlet thing that I got thinking it was priced as marked ($109?), since there were no signs on the rack they were on, but was $40-something. Nothing else appealed to me though. I may be ill. Hopefully things will be different when I go for the midnight psychoshopper extravaganza in a few weeks!

  2. In another post, I said I went to Reading yesterday. Same here - nothing jumped out at me. They had a lot of mini Signature Stuff on clearance but that line does not appeal to me.
  3. Awwww. Hopefully they will have better selection in a week or two! I hate that feeling! I did that before and BF wasn't too happy cause I got nothing. Good thing I got stuff from the other outlets or else it'd feel like a bust.
  4. see, i absolutely refuse to drive the hour to the outlet and walk out without anything.
    so then i just buy the first thing i set my eyes on.
    doesn't quite work. i have a few bags i don't need now...

    but, i love your new wristlet- really cute! and such a good deal!
  5. the wristlet is adorable!
  6. Love the wristlet. Hopefully they have more things you want the next time you go!
  7. Love your stuff! do you have the number for your outlet? I was looking at that wristlet and at 40 dollars...i gotta have one!!
  8. It was $44, to be precise. They had other colors too, but I don't remember what, besides the silverish almost shiny one. I *think* it's (262)857-9391. That's what's on the receipt, anyways. Unless you mean some other number, lol. Pleasant Prarie, WI :smile:
  9. Well, it's better than buying something you're not sure about ;)
  10. Yes, considering I just lost my source of extra income for "awhile." Who knows how long that will be :/ So I guess it was a blessing in disguise. I've still got another check coming though, so it's still on for Friday, lol.
  11. I saw the legacy satchel at the carlsbad outlet..but it was only cheaper by 50 bucks!