I went to pick up my vinyl Coco Cabas Tote yesterday...

  1. but didn't buy it :wtf:. I was soooooooo excited when my SA brought out the HUGE box and opened it up, it was so big and shiny :drool:! Then he took out the air pillow and handed me the bag :confused1: . I couldn't believe how light, out of shape and unflattering this bag was. I was sooooooooo disappointed :crybaby:. As I was contemplating the purchase of this bag, I felt the vinyl and knew that it would rip very easily or I would put something heavy in the bag and it would lose it's shape. It's not like I didn't see this bag and try it on before, I saw it and tried it on at the trunk show but I guess just didn't pay attention to the material as I was just so in love with the WOW factor this bag had to offer. If this bag were only made out of real leather and was smaller and more structured then....
  2. Sorry it didn't work out for you. Sometimes it's hard to know what a bag is going to look like until you have it in your hands. There is a leather version, but it would still be the same size and shape. I like the overall look of the Cocos, but would prefer it in leather myself.
  3. I did get to see it and try it on at the trunk show and from there, I immediately ordered one. I just couldn't believe how my opinion of this bag changed in a matter of weeks. I asked if they had a leather one for me to see because I think macp6 looks incredible with hers, but they had none. So my coco cabas search has ended.
  4. Sorry you were disappointed, Molls... So what is your next bag objective???
  5. Yikes, I'm kind of sorry I even responded to this post. I basically am new to Chanel, and should have skipped it, I guess.
  6. awww its okay.
    a wonderful SA located the leather COCO for me also but I've also given it up (and I haven't even tried it on)...
    I think its much for me...
    Dont worry Chanel will have a lot more coming out this winter
  7. Aww. You'll find a fabulous bag that will make you happy, and there will be someone else to love that vinyl Coco Cabas...so it's all good!
  8. Aw man! I felt that way about a bag or 2 as well. This bag is really special and just isn't the right bag for most of us, it's not for me that's for sure!
    But I SO love looking at the pics of the ladies here rocking it because they CAN!

    Keep on truckin'! :choochoo:
  9. :roflmfao: SoCal, your response made me roar :lol:. I was looking at the diamond stitch tote in black, which was gorgeous, and a few of the square vintage bags (I saw burgandy in person and it was beautiful). I decided to wait for two weeks and go back and look again. I tried buying a bag, didn't like anything well enough to buy. I tried buying a wallet, didn't like anything; tried buying jewelry, didn't like anything, and on and on and on. I tried to buy something so hard that I just had to walk away :wtf:. So, I went and had a makeover at Nars and bought everything and then went into Bloomies and bought 3 complete sheet sets for my bed. I wanted to go back and buy a few pair of shoes I tried on, but the store was closed :shrugs:.
  10. Tammy518, don't be sorry for responding. Thank you for doing so :flowers:.

    Yorelica, yes, there are many more bags to be had and I put my name down for the black cushed leather patent bag that Swanky posted a pic of in another thread. It was from a Neiman's invitation and it looks amazing. So, I'm ready and waiting :graucho:.

    chinchillamoose, there was a girl in the boutique that was looking at the bag and as soon as I told my SA I wasn't buying it, she did. She was so excited and I was so happy for her. She's going to give that baby a really good home :yes: .

    Swanky, yeah, not everyone can wear that bag but for those who can, they look amazing! I just wished they had it in leather for me to try on. Oh well, onto my next obscession :P .
  11. I know exactly how it feels to be excited to buy something you had your mind set on, and when it doesn't work out, you want to make up for it with another purchase.

    But it's the magic of Chanel...you KNOW when a bag is YOURS. It's almost like the bags pick you as much as you pick it out, kinda like puppies at the pound. When I go to the boutique, there are so many beautiful bags, but I definitely know when I see one that I absolutely must have. I hope you find a bag that gives you butterflies soon!
  12. Oh Molls, That was so almost my day yesterday! Decided I couldn't do the Cloudy Bundle bowler...looked at everything in the boutique and decided I would just have to wait...then...(yeah, the Hermes "event")...

    I was planning to look for work clothes yesterday, but had to go (almost) straight to my car after the random purchase...hope you have very sweet dreams on your new sheets! Our next Chanel will come when she is meant to be...
  13. chinchillamoose, you described the exact way buying a Chanel bag, or any bag for that matter, should be. You look at it and you get chills or butterflies and you just know that's the one. Unfortunately, that didn't happen to me yesterday, but hopefully it will soon :shrugs: .
  14. OMG, SoCal, you might not have found a Chanel, but you walked into a boutique and found a birkin :yahoo:, that's incredible!

    I'm going to have very sweet dreams in my new oasis. I love new sheets, duvets, tons of pillows, etc. It's just so cozy and I can dream about my next bag, which right now will be the patent lambskin bag from the Ritz collection.