i went to paris and came home with this!!

  1. i LOVE it! i've been wanting a twiggy..looked like a good size and it is! went to Bal in Paris, the lovely lady who helped me Cecile, was wonderful!! here I am, with my new love, in the CN Tower at Toronto haha. I had a 6 hours stopover in Toronto before heading home, so I met up with a friend, the black bear =P

  2. Fabulous bag!! Congratulations, it looks wonderful on you!
  3. Congrats!!! How did the pricing differ in Paris to the states?
  4. BG in Twiggy is gorgeous!:love: CONGRATS!!!

    OT but how does your friend maintain her Mini Line Croisette Speedy in such pristine white condition esp when she is wearing jeans?
  5. :drool::drool: So gorgeous in a twiggy!!! Thanks for sharing the pics! The black bear is so cute. ;)
  6. the twiggy is a great style on you! it looks great :yes: and the leather looks like it's already amazing and broken in.. congrats :yahoo:
  7. gorgeous bag!! Congrats!!
  8. love that twiggy! its gorgeous!
  9. cute pic! your Twiggy looks great! did you have fun in Paris?? :smile:
  10. Omg !! I Absolutely Love It!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!
  11. so cute! congrats! may i know how much cheaper it cost in paris?
  12. Congratulations!! You look great with it!! Thanks for sharing the cute pic!!
  13. Cute picture, what an awesome bag to remember balParis by... Congrats~!
  14. looks great on you, congrats!
  15. gorgeous bag & great pic!