I went to Nashville and came home with more COACH!

  1. Hey girls!

    I had a great but super busy week in Nashville for work...very glad to be home but what a beautiful city to visit!

    I had one day to relax and ended up at the Mall at Green Hills (thanks to tPF recommendations!). Here's my conquests from Macys and the Coach boutique (fabulous SAs!!). I'm madly in love with the grey/black combo, and these flip flops felt like slippers the minute I put 'em on.

    woo hoo! :wlae:
    Coach Nash.jpg
  2. Great purchases!! I love those sandals. They're so cute! :yes:
  3. :woohoo:
  4. Great purchases...think I may have to put those slides back on my wishlist!!

    And I love Green Hills (used to work at the J. Crew!!)...I was there last month and was amazed at how much it had changed since I left Nashville...must get back soon!!
  5. very nice!
  6. Comfy shoes?! Do they seem to be wider than the average shoe?
    Love your stuff!
  7. *Sigh* I have loved school in Atlanta but I'm so excited to be moving back home to TENNESSEE in a couple of weeks! Green Hills has added a lot more stores in the past year or so. Glad you liked Nashville!
  8. Love your new items!!!!
  9. Love those shoes!! ^^^hey I'm flying to Atlanta next week. How are the outlets there?? Do they sell signature stuff??? TIA
  10. kallison is the georgia coach authority, but I like the outlet in Dawsonville. Here's the website for info:
    They do have signature. Last time I got good stuff, so yeah, I :heart: it!
  11. Congrats, both are great purchases, but I am really loving your sandals! They look totally comfortable! :smile:
  12. Ahhhh, Nashville :love:

    I hope we can move there someday... we just :heart: it there!!

    Great finds!!
  13. Oooh, nice things!
  14. Great Shoes!

  15. I just sold a pair of those sandals last night to a mother then her daughter bought a pair too. Aren't they fabulous? As for Nashville, my ex fiancee lived there and I used to go there all the time to spend time with him, party on second avenue and check out Green Hills and Opry Mills. I'm jealous, I wanna go back! Great purchases and congrats on a fun trip! :yahoo: