I went to my local Louis today......

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  1. Yup. One of those trip yet again but this time round is different.

    Had a bit of a rough morning. I was not well. My honey was giving me crap. He's was not doing his bit for the house or the wedding which is just around the corner. 9th December.

    He was bugging me and just idling around which pissed me more. I got snappy as I was trying hard to finalise our wedding invite and then he said, "Why are you such a miserable *****?"

    Tears rolled down my cheeks. Here I was trying to get things done and there he was calling me names! I don't deserve this!

    I finished off what I was doing and went to the bedroom in tears. Took him ages to come round to see whether I was. Finally, he came round to ask me why I was crying. Told him that I don't hate being called so. He laughed. I started to throw pillows at him. He still laughed! How could he? But finally, he grabbed me wrist to stop me and I kicked him off. I went back to my sheets.

    He said, "What are you doing in bed? Feeling sorry for yourself?" How could he?

    I cried for ages. He went out for a drive and came back and looked at me in the bedroom and said, "Still crying? How long are you going to feel sorry for yourself? What are you crying for? I bet you don't even remember." How could he? "Are you going to waste you weekend?", he said. I said, "I'm not wasting my weekend. I'm thinking. Thinking whether we should get married. I don't deserve to be treated this way...."

    He went out again.

    I got up, too a shower and go ready to go out.

    He got home. Bought envelopes for the invites and with an attitude as if nothing happen. I was getting ready and he kept yelling out for me to do something for him. I told him I was busy and I'm going out. And of course he asked me where and I don't him I don't know. Well, I really don't know. I just need to go out. He didn't talk to me since then even when I told him I'm leaving while I stood right infront of him. He ignored me as though I was not there.

    Headed to the city. First stop, Louis. Second stop, jewellery. Third stop, lingerie. All must be charged to his card. :smile:

    So... people, guess what I bought!

    Bought 2 thing in total and requested for one...

    One of the item is with me and the other is still in the shop getting my initials embossed!

    By the way, got home and all is asked was where I was. This is not the first time he called me so. :crybaby:

    What do you think I should do?

    The SA was really nice. Told her what happened and of course, she was happy to find things for me to buy! I hope I'm going away for work soon... cos I bought somethign for it! Yay!
  2. Congrats on your LV, but what did you buy:graucho: ...OK off topic...:wtf: Sorry but....are you sure you want to marry him??.....my DH never ever call me names not before we were married and surely not after....:s That's not the way to treat a lady:feminist:
  3. I'm sorry but I agree with Lee, calling you that is demeaning and disrespectful and not the way you should treat your future wife :wtf: But now for the good part, what did you get? :nuts:
  4. I'm having trouble with downloading from my mobile phone. I guess I'm just not a phone geek. Got to get the normal camera now... Just have to wait for a bit longer....

    By the way, any of you know what's the comotion about the mirror line? ANy pics?
  5. I am appalled at you future husband's behaviour and feel very sorry for you! I hope your LVs give a slight comfort.
  6. Edz, nice ending to your story. Loved how you described what you did and thought. Thought I was watching a drama there for a mo. :smile: Take care and CONGRATULATIONS on the wedding. You must like him for something and have to accept him for what he is...I guess...an assss. Get back at him and call him that...its funny.
  7. Oh dear....I do hope u r feeling better and that your fiance has apologised for his behaviour...Shopping (especially for LVs) is always good therapy hey?! SO what goodies did u get?

    OT a little, not siding with anyone here 'cos I don't know the both of u personally :smile:...but sometimes, wedding preparations can be pretty stressful on both parties and may bring out certain behaviours that we never expect of our SO...it's easier said than done, but u guys have to spend some "us" time together and forget about the wedding preparations for a bit..delegate some duties to others (if u can) and take some time out of all the madness to remember why u r getting married in the first place...oh, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

  8. Yea... He would think it's funny. I'm not the type of gal to use such word at random. When I say, I will really mean it. Really really really mean it... and the receiver will be in my black list! But oh well, life is short... more Louis to shop...
  9. Aww...you poor thing! :sad: How insensitive was he!:crybaby: You do NOT deserve name-calling!

    On the up side, good girl, you bought yourself a sure-proof way to cheer up.

    Re: the Miroir, my SA said it'll only be launched at the Christmas Party on 9th Dec, I'm getting the silver Speedy for sure.

    Chin up!
  10. Awwwww...I feel so bad for you......I know that men can be such jerks...

    I believe that if you were really getting snappy and upset...and he was trying to fiquere out why and was annoyed...then made a stupid comment then you should let him know to never talk to you in that way again....

    But if he has been doing this kind of things alot, and always seems to do his to you in stressful or hurtful situations....then I think it is a big problem.

    Guys tend to be agressive and even controling in situations and you should not let him do this....you should really think about this and confront it and solve it or other wise.....its a potential disaster......

    Hope you feel better....

    Now...where are the pics......:P
  11. Here's the box....

    It's a small item.... don't get way to excited....

    I'm excited for the girls who are getting the Speedy Mirror... gorgeous!
  12. it's says upload fail!!!! Aaarrrgh!
  13. :cursing:

    I can't do it!

    I'm new to this and I'm not really a computer geek. Or maybe I'm having one of those dumb blond day...

  14. You probably just have to resize the pics to load them :yes: The maximum size is given in the manage upload thingy, I don't rember what it is.