I went to LV yesterday and came back with some new goodies! :)

  1. Hi, all! :smile: I finally made a trip out to LV yesterday to pick up my Groom items. The Groom Bandeau wasn't in yet so I'll go back for that one hopefully next week(I think they said they should be getting them in by then). I'm still waiting on the uber cute Orange and White Jack and Lucy keychain(eeekkk! soooo cute! The brown and tan were in stock and they were adorable, but I like the orange/white a wee bit more). Anyhoo, I also picked up a Marelle Sac a Dos! I've been eyeing it for eons. It reminds me of my first backpack in 1st grade. lol. I love that you can use it as a backpack, shoulder bag, handcarry, or messenger style. I like it messenger style the best. :heart: I'm slouching in the Backpack pic. LOL.:P
    tpf Groom and Marelle sac a dos.jpg tpf marelle backpack style.jpg tpf marelle crook of arm.jpg tpf marelle handheld.jpg tpf marelle messenger.jpg
  2. oohh! i like that marelle!
    very nice! congratulations on everything!
  3. Ooooh, so many groom pieces - congrats ! :yes:
  4. Thanks, suzie and ayla! :flowers: Here's one last full body pic of me wearing the Marelle messenger style.
    tpf marelle messenger full.jpg
  5. Great haul. Seeing your pics, I'm wanting a groom.
  6. Congrats!!! love them all..don't forget to add full body pic to visuals thread
  7. Great choices...marelle sac a dos is gorgeous..and I love the groom collection pieces!!!!!
  8. Hot damn!! Great choices.
  9. Very nice! That marelle is a great bag & the Groomies..:love:
  10. Wow your bag is so versatile! congrats on all your purchases.
  11. Great purchases!
  12. Congrats on all your great pieces!!! :yahoo: Wow!!!!
  13. Thank you, disney4us, bagsnbags(just added some pics to the visual aids thread--thanks for reminding me!:flowers: ), guccci gal, Irishgal, taco, jenn4lv, lilgirlie1310, and crochetbella! :heart:

    I loooove this bag. lol. It's so much fun. DH calls it a Transformer. lol. :P

    I went there to look at the Damier Papillon or the Epi Speedy in Red or Myrtille, too, but DH hated those bags.:crybaby: It was kinda embarrassing when he starting going on about how ugly the Papillon was(I love that bag! I think it is soooo cute!) and how the Epi bags look like wood. He kept calling them woodgrain pannelled bags everytime I tried to look at one. :sad: He did like the BH, though, so I will have to go back and get that one next.
  14. pupsterpurse, I :heart: all your new additions!! I think you picked some of the best pieces from the groom collection and that's awesome that your marelle sac a dos can be worn in so many ways!!! I especially like it messenger style and backpack style. The backpack style is so adorable - like you said - reminds you of when we were kids. It's so cute. :love:

    Thanks for all the pics!!!
  15. :nuts: Congrats!!!!! Love your Marelle:love: it's soooo versatile and looks great at the same time.Thanks for the pics:flowers: P.S. your Chihuahua is sooo adorable:tender: