I went to LV today....

  1. to see the damier azur speedy and i :heart: itttttttt

    im getting the speedy 30 nov 1!!! whippeeee :yahoo:

    and i think it will look great once patina starts too :smile:

    anybody else see it yet? if so what u think? and if u liked it what u going to get from the line?
  2. So is it really not coated canvas like the rumor says?
  3. Ugh I'm dying to see this line IRL! I need to go down to a boutique so I can get in on the azur action.
  4. Is the azur already in stores?!?!
  5. Congrats! Did you pre-order it?

    I pre-ordered the speedy 25 on eluxury.. so i haven't seen it IRL!!!! Now I'm reconsidering going down to the store because I'm dying to see it!!

    Tell me though.. it is more purplish than greyish tones?
  6. Ok, now I must get this bag! I always liked it in the ics, hopefully it will be the same in real life! I think I am going to ask my dad for this one!
  7. I saw it IRL, very cute!! Can't wait to get it home!!! :biggrin: *i juz hope i can keep it clean!*
  8. OK for the people who have seen it IRL:

    is the bag purplish?
    is the canvas coated?
  9. I asked a SA through 866-vuitton, and she said that this bag is definitely coated, then she put the manager on the phone, who re-assured me this bag is no different from the other canvases.
  10. I pre-ordered the 30 too, did you speak with Doug also? :graucho: :nuts:
  11. No.. I asked for him.. but he was busy with someone else.. so I spoke to Steve...

    Does Doug usually handle all the pre-orders?
  12. That's a relief! :yes:
  13. hey guys!!

    so yes the bag is coated (just like the mono and damier) i LOVEEEE it
    its going to be my christmas present from my parents this year, so i am buying next week but not using it till christmas day!! my sa is holding a 25 and a 30 for me but i think im going to get the 30!!!

    i would say the color is more like a smoky black or dark blue and off white!

    its really pretty
  14. Thanks, babydee03, for sharing the info. :jammin:
  15. I want to see it.