I went to LV today!

  1. For the first time in about 2 months! :wtf: I just swung by on my way home from work.

    My regular SA was not there so I stood around for the first couple minutes being ignored. :p But one of the SAs who has never helped me before asked if I had been helped and I said no, and she also said, "Grace usually helps you, right? She's off today". Wow, I didn't know I was that recognizable with someone who has never helped me before. :p

    It was interesting when 3 different customers tried to ask for help from the SA who was helping me and she just politely told them "I'm helping another client right now". Usually my regular SA helps more than one person at once.

    Anyways, I checked out the 2 new epi colours. I was disappointed in the Cassis when I saw the Madeleine PM in that colour. Its too much of a brownish purple. I liked the Pomegranite colour better but the SA double checked for me and the Madeleine PM will NOT be coming out in that colour. So I am crossing the Madeleine PM off my list. :tdown: The only thing I want now is the Black Le Tal which is $2590.

    I also saw the new light pink inclusion bracelet, the bluish green inclusion ring, the new Violette Vernis, and the Black Mahina Wallet (It was $770 and felt nice and smooshy). Hotel Vancouver also has the Black Mahina XXL, but they were sold out of the grey inclusion bracelets and the suhali belt. They were also sold out of the new vernis cles (the one with the plaque on it), but the SA took one out that was on hold to show me. It's a little too big for my liking and was about $270.
  2. Nice to see you posting!
    Sounds like you had a nice time in LV. I wish I lived near a boutique. :crybaby:I would love to go in everytime something new comes out!
    Would you say the Epi Pomegranate color is sort of like the Pomme color in vernis?
  3. How nice of her! :tup: Are the new Epi colors the purple that's supposed to come out (or came out) ? :shrugs:
  4. Thanks for telling us about your LV shopping. I live in Winnipeg, no LV store here. I guess I have to make a trip to a bigger city to buy Damier Speedy 30. I hope to have a trip this summer!!!!
  5. Yes, she told me the release date is February 1st!
  6. yes the darker purple and the hot pinkish violette. their official launch date is feb. 1st, but i think they have them in most of the stores so if you ask the SA they can probably bring it out for you to look, although can't buy any yet until release date.
  7. *wave* hi arnott, thanks for the report! Hod do you like the new turquoise inclusion? I'm w/u about the pomegranite, it's definitely a cheerful but not cheesy purple :yes:
  8. Cool, thanks! I'll go check them out when it gets released, I want the cles. :yes:
  9. Thanks! Are you implying I haven't been posting much? :nuts:

    No, they are nothing alike. Pomegranite is like a pinkish purple. You can see pics in the reference section.
  10. I was looking at the pomegranite cles today! It has silver hardware! :tup:
  11. ^^ do you know if there are gonna be any bags (not cles not wallets) that are going to be released in pomegranate? i think in the ref. section they only have the pochette or something?
  12. Oh so its called turquoise? I like it, it has nice different coloured stones in it. Do you know if it comes in a bracelet or only the ring and hair cubes?
  13. :nuts: Alright, I'm definitely gonna have to pick one up!! :drool:
  14. Don't forget to post pics when you get it! :yahoo:
  15. Will do! Now I can't wait til Friday! :nuts: