I went to LV today...

  1. Hi all! I have yet to post in the LV section, but I just HAVE to post about this! haha

    I went to LV today on 5th ave to buy a damier azur cles as a present (I have one, too!) and while I was there a girl was trying on the speedy 25 and 30 of the same damier. I knew I shouldn't have, I knew knew KNEW it. But they were right there...what was the harm in trying it on? Touching the leather? Basking in its ambiance?

    But then it started...that rumbling in my heart was telling me I just had to throw my cares to the wind, and pop out my credit card. Adrenaline pumping, the smell of beautiful handbags in the air, tricking your senses, telling you, "No, you don't have too many bags, seriously, it's so beautiful..." (do you guys get like this? lol)

    And then your brain begins to sabotage you, "Well, the price increase is Wednesday..." and you look at the bag on the counter, and the bag on your arm that you bought not even 3 weeks before, back and forth, back and forth, and then you just cave in because dangit, I'm a weak weak weak girl...

    ...with handbag devils on each shoulder telling me, "You done good, girl, you done good!" :yahoo:
  2. You gave in! Post a picture please! Congrats on your bag!
  3. Oh! There it is! It's lovely!
  4. Haha CONGRATS!
  5. Congrats!
  6. Aw, yay~!
  7. yep, it's addicting....welcome to LV anon.....
  8. aww congrats! Its beautiful!!!
  9. wow congrats !!
  10. You done good girl...you really have....:devil:..lol..

    Congrats!!!! Great choice and great time to get it too!!!!
  11. awesome buy, congrat's.
  12. Congrats
  13. You did do good! It's an awesome bag, you will love it! Congrats and welcome to LV!
  14. Yes I can say I get that little adrenaline rush too! Congrats on your new speedy!
  15. Congrats!