I went to LV today & Got a few things!!


More LV Please!!!!
Jan 19, 2007
At Louis Vuitton ;)
I got back from LV a few hours ago with a few things!
I tried on the Nimbus in Beige & Ecru whilst i was there but it looked huge on me but Ecru is soo pretty! I love the Stratus aswel but i would have loved it more in Ecru , Saw some sweet mono stuff it's so cute! & the new Neverful bags are TDF.

Just some info on Miroir Lockit before some pics of my stuff :graucho:
The Miroir Lockit release date hasnt been confirmed at my boutique yet but they are guessing July and it is on their system they do have a price but i forgot the exact number :Push: it's between £800-£900 But i think i heard her say £870 on their system it's down as Monogram Miroir lockit so i'm guessing it will be like the other miroir bags!
now to some pics!