I went to LV today and....

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  1. I didnt get anything:sad: but I was surprised to see an exotic delft on display. I dont know that much about that bag but isnt it pretty rare to see one on display??
    well if anybody wants one!!
  2. Just curious where did you see it (which store)?
  3. In the Houston Galleria
  4. I'm going to the Houston Galleria store on FRIDAY!!! I hope its still there. Can't afford to buy it, but I would sure love to see one in person :drool:
  5. Thanks, my best friend lives in Houston so I am going to send her over to check it out. Hopefully she can snag some pics!
  6. I went into my boutique right after the New year, and there were TONS of LE bags....Mirages, Limelights, Motards, Rubis, Shearlings, etc..... My SA told me they had alot of returns of these LE bags which were given as Christmas gifts....guess the people wanted the cash instead !!
  7. where yr boutique? :yes::p
  8. your welcome, i just thought that it was interesting to finally see it in person! :smile:
  9. wow, i can't imagine that...if someone gave me an LE bag for xmas (esp the Mirage or Mahina XL) i'd never even think of returning it!!

    i guess though many people bought a number of LE bags just to see them IRL/try them out and then only ended up getting one and returning the others
  10. My store also has the Exotic Mirage Delft on the display too. :nuts:

    It's such a gorgeous bag. I had a major drool all over the glass display while watching it. :drool::drool::drool:

    And I also saw some Rubis as well.
  11. My store has the exotic delft and the exotic biker from the ad. These bags aren't cheap and sometimes they don't sell out right away