I went to LV boutique today and ...

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  1. I went to the LV boutique today to buy a wallet and looking for a neverfull PM.

    I have pick a french purse and I also looking for a neverfull PM but I have changed my mind. I need to search for a new bag now.

    At first I think it looks sooo cute with a bag charm. I saw one of a girl carried hers with a long LV bag charm (the one you can use as a bracelet style) and I fall in love with it. I saw never full since it launched but I don't like it at first.

    The reason I shouldn't get the bag because before I went to a boutique in Sloan st., I saw 10 + women carried neverfull and another 3 women in the restaurant where I had my lunch so I gave up for it. I don't know but I think it's too much.

    I also went with my BF today and he said that go for a Gucci Joy tote one. It's cheaper and looks better. He said neverfull looks so cheap :wtf: and I should consider to buy another model. He said 305 GBP for a bag + 205 GBP for a charm so I should get a better one.

    What do you think? I still think it's cute but not 100% sure now.
  2. i have the neverfull gm, also I had the pm too but i sold it because i carry a lot of stuff. I think it looks great with the bag charm..and who cares if other people have it..EVERYONE has a mono speedy now a days too..its a bag..your not going to be the only one with a certain bag unless theres only 1 made and you have it ..
  3. I like the neverfull. How about the BH instead?
  4. I don't like BH look at all. Those two bag look as the same tote style but personally I think neverfull looks more casual and trendy.
  5. ^^ i agree.
  6. I love mine!!!
  7. I know that reason. That's why I never think to buy a monogram speedy. I saw only a few people with monogram speedy yesterday. I don't feel any if I saw other people have the same bag like me but all I want to say is "It's too much". Within 2 hours, I saw nearly 20 Neverfull bags. I ever asked my friends who have Neverfull and all said part of them they buy it because it's cheap and look OK. For me without bag charm I won't consider to buy it but bag charm will cost me an extra 205 GBP so my neverfull will not be that cheap.

    I think I'm going to save more for a balbag instead :sad:. I couldn't resist that every minutes I walk in shopping st. and I will find at least one.
  8. lol

    personally...i hate the neverfull...it looks like the B/BH/BV...to me...but a lower version...

    and i agree with your boyfriend! LOL

    but if you wanna buy it! buy buy buy!!! :tup::tup::tup:
  9. :lol::lol:
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