I went to LV and saw....

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  1. sorry people.. no pics... BUT i saw the MOST GORGEOUS bag ever... lol okok to me up until now... at least.. lol.. it was totally TDF and were I a employed and not just a uni student i'd definitely THINK about getting it.. lol.. guess what it is...??

    TA DA *drum rolls* it's the LE (or so i think) piece JAMAIS in white!!!! it was just soooo beautiful sitting there on the counter waiting for someone to pick it up (and i think someone was coming to pick it up or else it wouldn't be sitting there). too bad there were 2 SAs right there or else i'd taken some pics... all of a sudden a question dawned on me: how come i've never seen any posts about it? i'm sure someone here have bought it right?! lol anyway, for those who got it, can you shareeeee some pics of your gorgeous bag?? IT SERIOUSLY IS TDF!!! lol if i had the money i'd just get that one on the spot. i also saw the galliera and tahitiennes in pink.. they are all very beautiful... oops sorry for the long thread. i am just soo :love: about the jamais
  2. i saw this the other day it was pretty niceee.
  3. I got a call about it... I was on the list, but I passed on it. I didn't really "love" it.
  4. Could somebody show a pic of it??!
  5. to each of its own man.
  6. i believe a member here purchased one. scks (or something like that) is their sn...i think.
  7. Jamais! Oh, one of my HGs! Love the bag, but it didn't seem very popular.
  8. I want to see it IRL
  9. I wanted to get it but heard it is easily scratched so I didn't get it. But I am still in love with it. *sigh*
  10. Robbie 006.jpg

    I got the Jamais in brown and just love it. You're right though, it doesn't seem to be very popular. I haven't heard much about it. I haven't used it yet so I can't comment on how easy it scratches but I sure love looking at it. I like the snake chain handle and the whole shape of it. And it's a watercolor!!
  11. I haven't seen the Jamais IRL but to me from the pics it looks very nice. Dunno why it's not hot other than the leather reason.
  12. Congrats sckcs!! It's cute!!
  13. whoa it's so cool! anybody know the price?
  14. Gorgeous bag ! :love:

  15. sckcs, your Jamais is so pretty!!! :tup: