I went to Holt Renfrew today...

  1. and the SA said that the Damier Azur was all sold out except for one wallet and cles! :wtf:

    I tried on the Olav pm and it was a little small on me, so I tried on the Damier Geant Loup and quit liked it....maybe a little big though.

    I stuck to my purse ban and didn't buy anything!
  2. wow...azur sure did go fast!!
  3. You have major self-control! :lol:
  4. Thanks! I did try on the:

    Olav PM
    White Suhali Lockit pm
    Black MC trouville
    Red epi petit noe
    Damier Geant Loup
    Keepall 45 with shoulder strap
    Ribera mini
    Red Epi Pochette
  5. aww they're (damier azur) sold out?? i don't know if that's a good or bad thing! sigh that's ok i guess.. i wast thinking of going up there in dec anyways....maybe they'll get some new stuff in?? :confused1:
  6. They will get more stuff in, they are probably not restocking right now, because it is inventory time from them :smile:
  7. :supacool: I just called them to check, basically re-stock takes one week.
  8. Holy cow.. flying off the shelves !
  9. Hmm! I'm going to Holt Renfrew today, maybe they'll have nothing Azur!!
  10. FYI, this was Holt Renfrew Vancouver! :yes:
  11. Oh yeah, and my SA said that she didn't know what the Tobago line was and that they never carried it. She gave me the catalogue to look for it and it wasn't there either!
  12. I'm still on the waitlist for an Azur Speedy 30 at the Bloor St. store and I puts myself on the list in September! They said they only got 2 of each size of the Speedy's on launch date and the bags will be re-stocked this week. The only bag from the line they had for sale was a Saleya.