I went to Hermes Vancouver today!

  1. First I went to LV, and my regular SA was not there, and there were hardly any other SAs there. The ones there were busy so there was no one to help me, and I was in a rush. So I huffed off to Hermes across the street instead!

    At Hermes I saw Shannon, my favorite SA! :p I only met her once before in November. I asked for her and she remembered me too! :nuts:

    Anyways, I tried on the Epson Cyclamen Evelyne GM and PM! Shannon was saying that Cyclamen only comes in Epson and not other leathers like Clemence. Anyone know if this is true? Also, would the Epson and Clemence cost the same?

    Then later on at the mall, I saw someone carring a Birkin for the first time irl! She was carrying a Blue Jean Birkin with palladium hardware!
  2. YAY for you! I love that store. They are super nice there.
  3. I am glad that you had a good time at H Vancouver. They are always very nice. It's very rare to see a birkin in yvr. The last time that I saw one was 4 years ago.

  4. Whats yvr?
  5. sorry I always identified a city by it's airport code.

    YVR- Vancouver international airport
  6. I haven't been to Vancouver in ages - they have a larger store now, don't they?
  7. :idea:

    so then what's the cx for?
  8. :graucho: :graucho: :graucho: :graucho: :graucho:

  9. OMG!! I thought I was the only one who does that! It's a habit that I hadn't been able to break ever since I've worked with Customs. ^^
  10. Cyclamen also used to come in chevre. It's a gorgeous color in Chevre, but right now it's only being offered in epsom and in rather limited amount it seems. My SA said that was because Cyclamen was not very popular ... but I LOVE that color. It's the only purple shade I would take (aside from Violet Croc because that looks like Cyclamen) as it's pinkish purple as opposed to purple purple
  11. The Cyclamen Evelyne GM was on display along with another Cyclamen bag. I've always wanted a purple colour and asked to see the Violet, but they didn't have any. What is Chevre like? Do u think they will offer Cyclamen in Cherve again?

    Know where my sig is from? :graucho:
  12. Ooh! How do you get a job in customs? Do you have to be bilingual?
  13. Violet definitely comes in chevre and I know they're still offering violet in chevre right now. Cyclamen in chevre looks darker and a bit more purple IMHO ... I don't know if they'll offer Cyclamen again. I'm actually looking for small accessories in Cyclamen chevre myself but so far have only managed to come across small agendas, which is not what I'm looking for ... *sigh*

    Is your siggy from QAF? ^^
  14. I didn't work for Customs, I worked with them :yes:. I was a Customs broker and prior to that, I have also dealt with freight logistics. So we always use those airport codes (used to dream about HTS schedules and classifications as well) ... As for getting a job with Customs, being bilingual helps but it's not a requirement. One of the good things about working as a Custom official is that you get ALL the public holidays off and the ones I dealt with gets to go home by 4pm.
  15. Yup, Ted said it to Emmett after he had cosmetic surgery and was still puffy! LOL

    Wheres your sig from? Sounds like something Darren Hayes would say!