I went to Coach today and came home with...

  1. the Legacy pony-tail scarf and the cute lil' pig charm! (And the moon charm, but I already clipped that on the bag with my star and put it away.)

    I love the stripes. They just make me smile.

    Oh, by the way, all the alphabet charms are in new colors. I am still not digging the K, but maybe it will grow on me.

    I am love with the white leather Legacy bag. Infact, I loved it more than any of the other colors. But...well...then I went to Louis Vuitton. LOL.
    coach-pig01.jpg coach-pig02.jpg
  2. absolutely love the pig charm!!! how much was it?? i think i need both!!! :love:
  3. I didn't know they made pig charms!?
  4. That scarve is sooo pretty! I love that pig charm!
  5. The pig charm was $28. One side is metallic pink and the other side, pink patent leather. The curly tail is gold (on both sides).
  6. I want the pig charm! It is so cute
  7. Congrats I love the scarf & pig charm. I didn't know they had a pig charm either but it's lovely.
  8. The pig is so cute - are there other animal charms out?
  9. Very cute! Congrats!
  10. I want the pig charm! How much? Great purchases
  11. love the pig charm!
  12. i want that hair sash thingg
    to match the shoes and wristlet i want
    haha and the pig charm is so cute !!
  13. Krispin - I love your new scarf and charm (in fact, I loved the charm so much, I had to go out and get one myself this afternoon LOL! Enjoy them both!
  14. I didn't know about the pig either! I'm glad about the letters being new color though because I didn't like the S colors before! Congrats!
  15. I'm not a charm person because I never know what to do with them, but that scarf is hot.
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