I went to BV store on Sunday...

  1. ...while tPF was down.

    1. I got to see the new Resort (pre S/S collection) and Spring/Summer 08 lookbooks. There are some foil metallic colors in Red, Blue, and Yellow/Gold in Resort. Some of the new colors names for S/S 08 are ROCK, CEMENT, OCEANIC, etc. All about nature. The only bag that really caught my eyes was a large size men's Veneta-shaped bag w/ croc trim and handle. Sorry girls, I didn't have time to check out the women's lookbook.

    2. Since I didn't find any BV in Spain, I went to my SA and she found ALL of the items I wanted. I went a little overboard this time w/ leather goods/accesories/shoes. Will give you more info later...
  2. Oooo, can't wait!! hurry up pls

  3. I just read your other post. Next week??? Oh you’re teasing now! Any hints???
  4. I'm loving some of the SS08 bags on style.com, not sure about the foil mettalic colours in the cruise collection though. Did you hear anything about ottone, which is coming back for cruise???
  6. syma - I asked SA today, and she said she didn't know but most likely not.

    FYI, Limo will not come back. Pergamena is coming back for S/S 08.

    ms piggy and OB - I went to the store to pick up some of the goodies...
  7. uclaboi,
    please show pics!! please show pics!!
    ooooh.....i am dying!!!
  8. Are you trying to torture us, uclaboi???

    Pics please!
  9. helloooooo.....uclaboi, you there?

    *looking under the table*

    *opening the drawer*
  10. ^ :roflmfao:
  11. :popcorn: Strip strip show us the goods :party:
  12. Can't believe Limo is over. I'll be waiting to see your new goodies.
  13. Coming soon...
  14. [​IMG]
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