I went to Barneys today - I want another twiggy!

  1. and in natural I'm thinking. I held the First in my hand in white and it looked so nice (I had anthracite twiggy with me at the time earlier), but I knew it was too white.

    When I got anthracite at BALny I was seriously thinking about it in natural. I liked how the dark hardware popped against the light leather. Also, I think a light off white b bag in twiggy really does look good and is a good 'non colour' that works with dark and light clothes and coats.

    Thoughts? who here has it? I don't want white since its 'too white' for me.
  2. I have the naturel twiggy....she's beautiful:

  4. definitely natural then, i have it in the GH brief and love it! it's not too white but sort of a nice pleasing color. perfect for spring!

    especially since you already have the anthracite.
  5. Thanks Debsmith, the sandstone twiggy is on order and I should have it in about 2 weeks. It will look good with the naturel and I also have truffle.

    I've always admired your caramel twiggy, that is a gorgeous colour.

    Regards F&G
  6. My gal at Barneys told me that Barneys will not be ordering the Twiggy in the future. Caveat emptor -- call before you go.
  7. I don't have a twiggy in natural, but I do have a mini bowling in natural. Its a really pretty color, and I think it would be perfect in a twiggy. Its more interesting than white and it won't show dirt as well.
  8. I agree on this!! ok I'm off now! I think I may just return this evening with one :graucho:
  9. Yay! Post pics when you get it. I'll sit here and be kind of jealous because when I recieved my mini bowling I was kind of wishing I had gotten a twiggy in natural instead.
  10. I got it!!!!!!!!! Posting pics in 20 mins!!
  11. Ooh, can't wait, Karen! Another excellent choice!!!! :yahoo:
  12. i love the natural in twiggy. so pretty.
  13. :nuts: My gosh! That was fast! Pics Pics Pics please!!! :dothewave: