I went to BalNY today...

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  1. ... and found some goodies!

    I went in and looked at all the bags that were out. They had some gorgeous bags - a tomato Twiggy & make-up, and some really lovely EB in both RH and GH. But I was looking for something in particular - older season bags!

    Kim, who many on the forum have recommended, was there and she was really sweet and helpful. I asked her what she had in RH coin purses - she brought out vert thyme, origan(!), cinnamon, truffle, black, and a few others (I think white and sandstone - I was too busy drooling on the dark colors to pay attention to the light ones). I chose a black one, and then asked if she had anything in grenat. She did! She had a First and a Twiggy. The First was lovely but was very dark - the handles already had some darkening on them. The Twiggy was absolutely stunning, so I bought her!

    She also brought out some other Twiggys in vert fonce (gorgeous!), a very dark brown (not sure which color it was), tomato and '06 caramel, and some Days in vert thyme, origan (again, !) and vermillion. These were all RH.

    I asked her about the AW '08 colors, and she said she couldn't tell me officially, but when I said if there were going to be some grays I would be interested, she said there "might be" two. Hee. She said they should be getting the AW '08 swatches in a few weeks. I can't wait!
  2. Was the tomato makeup in RH? (eep!) Also, any EB RH accessories? :flowers:
  3. Thank for all the info. and congrats on the Grenat Twiggy - Grenat is an amazing color, one of my favorites!! Post pics if you can!!
  4. how was the leather on the tomato/vermillion twiggys?
  5. The tomato was RH. Now that I think of it, I think it was a shoulder - it had a little strap on it. They had an EB RH makeup (which was gorgeous and really saturated, and I don't remember a strap on that, so I am pretty sure it was a makeup) and I think a couple of EB RH wallets. I'm sorry for the lack of detail - I just saw them on display and didn't pick them up for a closer look.
  6. The tomato out on display was really nice and saturated in color. It wasn't very veiny and the leather looked nice and thick. The one she brought out from the back was a little lighter and veinier but still nice.
  7. Any RH makeup bags? :flowers:

    thank you so much for this report!
  8. oooh thanks for the report! i always forget that they may have some old bags in stock, so i never ask.

    please post pics!
  9. ^^^ me too! I should have asked today to look at their older bags. I was in there earlier!

    My mind goes blank when I'm in there.
  10. Thanks for the update!
  11. They have an EB makeup? :nuts: I'll definitely be calling BalNY tomorrow morning. Thanks for the info!
  12. wowzaa thanks for the update!! congrats on the twiggy can't wait for pictures! man, i should have asked for older season bags when i was there last..
  13. wow ! a tomato in twiggy ... thanks for update:p
  14. I am pretty sure it was a makeup, but I didn't look at it up close, just walking by. It might have been a shoulder, but I don't remember seeing the little strap.
  15. MIGHT BE GREY? MIGHT BE GREY!!! :nuts:
    did you say, that she said that there MIGHT BE GREY! :yahoo:

    Grey, oh grey...... grey is what I want! Grey is what I neeeeeeeed! :woohoo:


    Oh! and congratulations on your new beauties!
    sorry I got all caught up in GREY! :shame: