I went to BALNY today!!

  1. I was at balny earlier this afternoon when daphne called me to let me know my juane work was in. the juane is definitely not like the marigold. it is not really a bright yellow. the color reminded me of a sort of dullish dirty yellow. my friend thought it looked like a burnt mustard color. the work i saw had quite a lot of distressing in it. the side pieces were at least 2 shades darker than the front and back pieces. the leather on the juane reminded me of my anthra so the leather is close to 07 spring.

    the violet looked very close to the eggplant prolly a shade or two brighter. the compagnon i saw (the only thing they had) was VERY distressed!! it was pretty veiny!! reminded me a bit of the 06 leather except it was thicker. i hope the leather gets better with the next shipment as i was disappointed with the violet.
  2. Thanks for posting a report!
  3. Oh, how exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So did you end up getting the Jaune Work?? So did you like the color? SO it's more mustard-y than Marigold Is the color subdued??
    I want to see pics!!!!!!!!!:hysteric:
  4. aaahhh - sparks on the forum!!! this is so exciting! thanks so much for the report....:tup:
  5. same here! :smile:
  6. hmmm i need to see these colors in person in order to make up my mind!
  7. Thanks for the report, I am intrigued even more, LOL! Did you get the Jaune work or not?
  8. :graucho::graucho: haha.....no i didn't get the work!! so its available but i think daphne is going down the waitlist. if anyone is interested, you should call her tomorrow. i left around 5:30 so i'm not sure if she got a chance to call anyone.
  9. What!?!! The Jaune works are in? I'm on the waiting list for one, I can't wait to get my call!
  10. i was really hoping the color would POP at me but it didn't do much for me. i felt the color of the leather was smooth overall, so maybe it is somewhat subdued!! hope that helps!!!
  11. jaune work would be stunning.
    & if it is really a subdued color than i might just pounce on the oppurtunity to buy one. I'm on the waiting list for a jaune first though. :graucho:
  12. fayden- you should go this weekend!! if anything comes in and they call me, i'm there!!
  13. thanks for the updat "M" mabli!!! oh I sent you an email too! so you didnt quite like the violet?
  14. oh no vains!!!! yuck!!!! I hope mine is vain free. Thanks for the update
  15. Mabli, or anyone else who went, did you see any GH coin purses in violet and jaune? I'm dying for mine to arrive (I've ordered both). I wish I could have seen the colors myself, but thank you for the great description!