I went to a tPF H meeting...with my Fendi!

  1. Any other northwest gals out there in Fendi land? We had a tPF get together today with a wonderful afternoon of lunch and shopping (what more could a girl ask for, ha!).

    My lil' Magic bag was feeling lonely and neglected so I carried her proudly today...gotta represent Fendi, man! :tup:

    Check out this group shot lineup....:drool:
    Jul07_NW_tPF (4).jpg
  2. Awww..... I love the small magic bag it is so cute! I have one too and I absolutely adore it. It is a very cute bag. Too many Birkins in that pic! ;) So I am glad to see 1 Fendi in that pic. Thanks for sharing!

    (Speaking of birkins.... I just got one in the large!!!! I don't have it with me yet though. Mum refuses to send it to me from overseas as she is scared it might get lost, and the tax I would have to pay on getting it in. So excited!!!)
  3. you have a great collection!! :drool: :tup:
  4. aww thats so cute, like they were meeting and having fun as well. I guess when you start thinking your bags are real you've sort of lost it eh? Still cute! Yeah too many birkins! 2 blue ones! So there were 6 of you? Had you met them before?

    Congrats Kavnadoo on the birkins! Where is it? or when do you get it?
  5. I must say pursegrrrl that style of the Magic bag is growing on me. I don't normally like the zucca as I can't imagine what I would wear with it.

    Lol kneehighz I just noticed your avatar. Yes I have a Birkin! :nuts: Though I haven't seen it yet and I probably won't be for months... My mum has it overseas and I don't want her sending it cos it's worth so much and if she insures it for the correct amount I will have to pay over $1000 in customs. So that's the story, and I need to wait... :sad:
  6. ^^ yep both the magic and chef are growing on me because some members have recently gotten them. Not to mention I love the baguettes. All are too small for me right now, maybe later though. I was sort of eh about the zucca prints but they are nice..and you don't have to worry about what to wear with them in my opinion because they seem to go with everything (ok most things)! Great for casual wear, thats why I love my zucca spy..I get lazy a lot and dress like a bum..heehee.

    As for my avatar..I saw that on my moms bed, apparently she's bought kneehighz..and thought it was funny..:nuts:
  7. Great picture! Love to see that Magic. It's my favorite bag among the entire formidable line-up.
  8. Yes, we had 6 in our wonderful group gathering...I had met two of the 6 before (mychillywilly and elizabethk) :yes:. I gotta admit it's a blast walking around together and shopping with so many kickbutt bags all together...everyone is so wonderful and nice...I highly recommend getting in a tpf meeting if you haven't already done so!! :yahoo:

    After lunch (downtown Seattle) we hit Mario's, Barney's and of course Nordstrom's flagship store for more serious drooling in shoes and handbags. I am still lusting over the zucca spy and baby spy....:drool:.
  9. kavnadoo, I too never thought I would get into zucca but since I am wearing mostly plain colors these days (not many prints) it gives a nice pop to my outfit.

    Yeah, the Magic bag is a definite conversation piece, AND it holds a ton but keeps its shape no matter how much you stuff in it!
  10. yay! sounds like fun. Haven't done it yet, maybe in the future. I like the people on this forum but they live in different states and parts of the world! I like what it says under your avatar..its true! Until then you barely develop as a person lol. This coming from someone nowhere near that age, but I think its true.
  11. kneehighz, just noticed your avatar too, love it!!

    Very OT, but yep every decade gets better, life bumps and all. :yahoo:
  12. Seriously PF meetups sound like so much fun! And I totally agree with you that no matter how much I stuff into my Magic, it still looks great, if not better.
  13. Love pursegrrl's magic!
    The baby spy is growing on me!
    Did you like the braided multi colored straps?
  14. mmm hmmmmm....I love those braided straps. :drool: Oh E, you are so tdf with your HAC 32...more, more more!! :tup:
  15. Thanks :blush: what I want to do is go thru Pursegrrl closet...all those LV and Fendi bags.
    Want that eggplant vernis just gorgeous?
    I am really liking that!