I went shopping

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  1. I went into NYC this am and couldn't leave without this.
    She has been calling me for 2 weeks, so I finally brought my baby home!
  2. A teaser picture! :popcorn:
  3. [​IMG]
  4. That is one cool smiley!
  5. Thanks! It's from a forum I used to moderate on. They had the cutest smilies.
  6. You got a box? LOL
  7. It's a nice box!
  8. I did get a box, with a bag in it! LOL!:happydance:

    Its classic flap in med/large!

    I have always wanted this bag, now I have it!!!
  9. Yaayyyyy, a gorgeous black flap!! Congratulations!!!
  10. My daughter took a picture of me when I showed her what was in the box. She thinks it's beautiful and wanted to know if I would ever let her borrow it when she became an adult (she is 9 yr old).
  11. Gorgeous! Your daughter has excellent taste for such a young gal... Although I'm sure you'll be putting off letting her borrow your beautiful bag for a while! ;) Congrats!!
  12. That is, has been and will always be a GORGEOUS BAG....timeless, Enjoy.,:heart:H
  13. Great choice! I have this bag, and I can take it anywhere as it is so versatile:tup:
  14. Aww, that's so sweet! Looks like she has great taste already, just like her mother!
  15. very nice, so classic! congrats!