I went shopping & look what I got

  1. it's the Ali in Whiskey! I didn't know if I would like it, but once I saw it in person, I fell in love! I also got a wallet and the clover charm. My new black legacy satchel came today too! I'm soo excited!:yahoo:
    bags 007.jpg
  2. Oh that is soooo pretty! Congrats! I love it!
  3. Very nice! What a great choice! I love the wallet too. Which one is that?
  4. Congrats!! Can you post pictures of your legacy satchel hanging on your arm? I'm just really interested in seeing how the size is when it's being carried.
  5. Wow, everything is so beautiful!!!! I am actually thinking about getting that same checkbook wallet.

  6. It is actually the Hamptons leather Signature checkbook. I love it! The SA is the one who recommended it. I wanted to buy the store out! My 5 yr old daughter was also picking out the bags she liked and she found some shoes & sandals that she liked. She wanted to know if they made them in her size:smile: I'm getting her started early!!
  7. I too have the Ali in the Whiskey color and I love it.
    I am contemplating getting it in black. We'll see.....
    Enjoy wearing your bag. Liz

  8. Here are the pics of the satchel on my arm & my shoulder.
    bags 012.jpg bags 009.jpg
  9. Ooohh, everything is lovely but I really like that wallet!!
  10. i wish i could get into it, but its just not popping for me.
    that doesn't mean i cant be happy for you though!

    happy shopping!!!!!
  11. What a wonderful day for you! Congrats. Satchel looks good on you. Is it a close fit on the shoulder?
  12. LOVE the bags!:yes:
  13. how nice is that clover? it was my favorite charm by Coach until i saw someone's skull charm about 5 mins ago! love it!
  14. It is close but not too bad. I'm 5'6 and I have on a jacket in that picture. It would be better if the straps were a little longer, but I still love it!
  15. plzrck - I can't thank you enough!! I really appreciate you posting pictures of this on your arm and shoulder. It gives me a MUCH better idea of the sizing of the bag. It looks great on you, and it's a gorgeous bag. :drool:

    Thank you again! :yes: