I went Shopping..!! I rate it an 8

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  1. Ok...Yesterday I posted about my upcoming shopping excursion to Louis Vuitton Today...

    I went to the cities...did my business...and then focused on personal time. I paid the stupid 10.00 parking fee (which by the way..still ended up paying another 34.00 because it had expired...RIP OFF MAN)...:cursing:

    anyway...Waltzed into Macy's with my good friend and headed to the Louis Vuitton shop. As per my post yesterday...my first plan was to find any available Mirior product. Upon first glance...Nothing...:s

    Second plan of attack was to check out the Monogram 40 Speedy. The SA took it out and let me model it.....sadly enough..it really didn't look good on my small 5'3 frame....so I asked for the 35. NONE IN STOCK!!...:crybaby:

    Third Plan of attack...ok...what else do I want?? I turned..and I seen the Mirior Papillon and Pochette. Can I see those I asked....NO said the SA...they are for display only...and the waiting list is very LONG...well LATEEDAH!!!:wtf:

    So my friend and I decided to go to the shoe department to see if the dior boots I've been dreaming about were there....well...PAR FOR THE COURSE...a BIG FAT NO......none. :crybaby:

    I cannot leave empty handed!!!! So we returned to LV and I decided on the Damier Azur cles to go with my Azur Speedy 30. She's cute!! I also picked up a Juicy couture cherries Charm.;)

    I called my DH on my way home...when I told him of the Speedy 40 disappointment he said..."ahhhh honey...I'm sorry it didn't work out"....

    HEHEHE..not to disappointment him...:graucho: I stopped at the Von Maur..and picked up some Ugg boot that I've been eyeballing....after all...I have to keep my man happy right???...

    Anyway...here's pics of my shopping day. Hopefully the Speedy 35 will be in next week...otherwise I'll order from Elux.

    Overall was an 8 out of 10 day...:idea:

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  2. Yay! Love the cles.. and the cherry charm is adorable!! Ugg boots are the best!! So warm and comfy!

    Looks like you still did well on your shopping excursion!

    Congrats! :biggrin:
  3. Oh I'm sorry you couldn't get everything you wanted I hate it when that happens but at least you didn't leave empty handed!!
  4. They wouldnt even let you look at it? Damn! That would be pissing me off!!!
  5. Oooh I love the cherries charm on the azur - so pretty! Man, that sucks about not being able to see the miroir stuff!
  6. Lovely choices! Love the uggs! Sorry you couldn't get all that you wanted.
  7. Were you able to attach the juicy charms straight onto the speedy hardware or did you need something to attach it? I can't tell from the picture. Thanks.
  8. Love your new purchaes....those Uggs look so warm and toasty!! :smile:
  9. Well at least you were able to buy something. congrats on your purchases. :P
  10. love those uggs.
  11. assuming this was in Minneapolis? i know there's only one LV there, in what used to be Marshall Field's (now Macy's)

    i love the matching azur! i'm waiting for elux to stock up on the azur speedy 25, as i'd rather purchase from them. i never really cared for the boutique experience.

    as far as i know, their shoe selection isn't that great, even before they became macy's... i don't think they ever carried dior (or jimmy choo's, manolos, louboutins, for that matter), but then again i haven't been there in awhile.
  12. love the azur cles, and your matching speedy!! sorry you had a dissapointing shopping adventure today.. I get those from time to time, that I dont feel satisfied by the time im leaving the mall.. that feeling sucks!!
  13. The cherry charm looks really cute on your azur!
  14. Sorry you couldn't get all of what you wanted, but I still like your finds! Congrats!
  15. Congrats on your new stuff!!

    Don't worry--the Speedy 35 is worth the wait:smile: I love mine!!

    If you are 5'3", I def. think that the 35 is going to look HOT on you:smile:

    Love the cherry charm on your Azur--I have the Juicy engagement ring charm attached to my Azur Speedy 30 at the moment! :smile: