I went shopping...come take a look see....

  1. So today I went to Short Hills which I guess I shouldn't of done since I was supposed to go to KOP next week. Thats definately a no-go as I spent all the money I was saving for the meet. But I picked up some nice things...lets start with boxes as we do love our boxes dont we?
  2. My oh my :nuts: Boxes :nuts: Can't wait :yahoo:
  3. :wtf: you pick up HOW MANY boxes!? It must be a luggage piece for sure, cles or small jewlery.....can't wait to see the pix!!!:drool:
  4. Wow is that luggage? :love:
  5. Oh wow!!! :popcorn: MORE PICTURES PLEASE!!
  6. omg that's a huge haul...cant wait to see!!! lucky!!!
  7. I'll be back when the pics are posted :biggrin::popcorn:
  8. OMG, that's a lotta boxes!! :nuts: i wanna see!!!
  9. OOO I love short hills!!! cant wait too see!!
  10. Oh, can't wait to see!!!!
  11. ooohh I do love those boxes! Strip strip strip!!!
  12. WOW! :shocked: that's a whole lotta boxes!!! can't wait to see pics!!! :choochoo:
  13. OK..so heres the bags. Do we like bags? Not as much as boxes!! don't get too excited about luggage (it's not THAT great :smile:)
  14. WOW Can't wait to see what you got!!!!
  15. Huge haul! What's inside?