I went on Waitlist Today ! OMG more info on Spring 07 items

  1. OMG Hi !!!! :nuts: I went on a waitlist today for a LV cup Bandana and Bag. I also know that there is much more stuff gunna be released than shown in the Look book posted on here. In the UK look book there are bandana's and bandeau's. I didnt get to look myself, my SA looked in the book to find the bag I want. She gave me a receipt with the numbers of the waitlisted items I want and the expected date due in. :nuts: I cant wait

  2. thats what happen when I waitlisted for the miroir last year if they show me the book I'd prob buy more, who was your SA today? When is the due date what else is expected come on more info you tease!!!!
  3. OMG are you serious!! where exactly are you from in the UK!! that's not fair I wanna waitlist 2 :crybaby: when did they get the look book! they've been telling me to waitlist late in Jan or EVEN FEB! I'm from London!:crybaby: :crybaby:
  4. Why won't they let you look at the book??? That's so strange. How are you suppose to know what's upcoming?
  5. I waitlisted in Manchester, let them know manchester is doing it and maybe they will catch on :smile:
  6. I think it was because I asked for a specific bag :smile:
  7. People please tell me!:crybaby:
  8. oooooooh! yeah I'll be doing that tomorrow! gooood I don't wanna be last on the waitlist as usual!
  9. Just to let everyone know...

    Most of the new styles come with accessories, there are alot more items than shown on here. I would recommend going and having a look. Although thankyou so much to sophia for posting the Look book or I wouldnt have been on the waitlist for the items I want :flowers:
  10. Cool.

  11. In past years they have even denied there was any such thing seriuosly you guys have it easy in the US, Canada & OZ it's a battle to get any info over here
  12. Yeah, they used to do that to me when I first started collecting....next time just ask to see the look book, they should let you look through it.
  13. thanks for the info, I will do that next time. I could live in LV lol haha :nuts:
  14. Congrats, Steve, on your first wait list items... Can't wait to see them IRL here on the PF.
  15. When I go back to LV next week,I will see if they've added any pages to the look book. He's right, there have to be more accessories that aren't pictured. I know there are LVOE and floral accessories not in the book yet, as well as the MC heart purse.