I Went Nuts At The Chanel Counter!

  1. I wish one of you could have been there to control me as I purchased almost the entire Holiday collection! Ever since I missed the last of the limited edition sequin eye shadow (06) I swore I'd be early this year. Here's what I got:
    Limited Edition Delice nail polish (so sparkly)
    Limited Edition Radiant Gems quad shadow
    Winter Nights quad shadow
    2 each of the giant palettes Soleil and Natural
    I stopped myself when they said to come in for the Chanel make-up specialists in a few weeks because they will give you a "token"....I pushed for what that would be and they said it is a Chanel washcloth so sign me up :woohoo:!
  2. OMG wow! I love chanel makeup.
  3. I love the holiday collection! I almost bought the eyeshadow quad yesterday (I love the pink one), but I resisted. I did go home with my new favorite lipstick, Magnolia Rose at least.
  4. I sat with the specialists a couple weeks ago...they give you champagne too!!!! My 'free gift' was a Chanel make up case, a blush brush, Chanel #5 and a sample size of the glossimer.:nuts:
  5. Wow those are great gifts! What did the makeup case look like? I got one from the Neiman Marcus beauty offer and then I bought one of the holiday ones with the sparkly trim and brushes inside today.
  6. Great gifts- Ok, now I have to go back...!
  7. I knew it , I left 2 items out when I was listing my goodies:

    Limited Edition Camellia lip gloss quad
    Limited Edition sequined make up bag with brushes
  8. Congrats!!! I love the Chanel makeup, expecially the shadows and glosses.
  9. Awesome!! I don't think we have that here yet (or maybe at the other more expensive version of Nordie's). But I was looking at the Chanel counter today and found a beautiful quad of eyeshadows with a glittery black, gunmetal grey, pink and ivory I think. I'm so getting them after payday!
  10. Wow, you rule lucky girl !
  11. ooh! can you post pics of the nailvarnish and sequin makeup bag??
  12. which palette do you think is more suitable for f/w? I'm on the fence and I don't want to get both cuz I know one will go unopened :sad:
  13. I am glad I am not the only one that does this...lol. I go in and go crazy!
  14. Sounds like a fun trip to Chanel!
  15. It's cylindrical, white with black piping. I use it in my purse for all of my lip glosses.