I went into LovinMyBags today =)

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  1. Barbara was out of town even though she promised she would be there but that's because she thought her flight was Saturday and not Friday.

    I saw a lot of bags from PFers (Ronda, I saw your Ice Blue First) and her husband, the one who actually does all the leather work, was very nice and patient in understanding my concerns and answering all my questions.

    It was a lot of fun to see all the B-bags in different states. I saw a Seafoam or 03 Emerald City, a few bubblegums, a sky blue work, an olive colored bag
    , another ice blue aside from Ronda's first, a white twiggy and city. There were more bags but I forced myself to stop snooping around! It was so fun and exciting!

    I saw a Magenta Day that just got re-colored and it looke pretty good. I agree the leather feels better than other bags I have felt before that have been recolored, but you can still tell the texture difference if you own B-bags of your own. Otherwise you would never know the difference.

    My friend and I only had are handles undarkened and we bought a bottle of antibacteria for our bags (you never know where those used bags have been :throwup:).
  2. Very interesting. That must have been fun and eye-opening.

    What's in the antibacterial? Is it designed specifically for leather? Curious about that.
  3. Yeah, everything there is made for leather products. You only need to use it once a year since it continues working on your bag.
  4. Oh can you post pics of your "undarkened" handles when it's done please? Would love to see the results!