I went in hoping to see a blue Miranda....

  1. but came out with a pretty good alternative instead. It was probably a good thing my COACH store did not have any blue Mirandas or Vintage satchels in stock. But, Nordies had this gorgeous Elliott Lucca Etoile large satchel in midnight blue patent leather for 1/4 of the price! It has a similar shape to the Miranda, but not as heavy and definitely easier on my pocketbook. It also has pleats on the front and back of the purse with a detachable shoulder strap. Of course I had to have some COACH with my new bag so I bought the Tattersall pony tail scarf (which matches perfectly) and the new sig jewelry pouch with Tattersall lining. I'm going to use this as a wallet--I love the zipped pouches inside and outside turnlock pocket.

    I also saw the XL Heritage Satchel and Zipped Satchel. I'm leaning towards the XL now, but will wait until PCE. If I still like it then, then I'll buy it. Anyhoo, I'm enjoying today's new buys!
    IMG_3523 (7).JPG IMG_3505 (4).JPG
  2. very cute I like it!!!
  3. Thanks!!
  4. OMG, that bag is freakin gorgeous! congrats:yahoo:
  5. Awww...thanks! The flash from my camera makes it look like it has gold flecks, but it's all blue....gorgeous midnight blue.....:love:
  6. That is a very pretty bag!
  7. Beautiful purchases!! That purse is TDF!!! The scarf goes perfectly with that bag!
  8. Beautiful bag, and the scarf looks great on her, Enjoy!
  9. that bag is gorgeous! i love it. btw, you have a really good camera (or a really steady hand, lol). your pictures are amazingly clear! :nuts:
  10. Thanks! I like to play around with photos as a hobby. As for the steady hand--well, I've cut way back on my coffee intake so that my hands don't shake! :lol:
  11. What a pretty bag!
  12. That is a truly gorgeous bag! I really like the shape, and I love the handles!!!