I went in for a Gauffre and got THIS instead......!!*pics*

  1. Hey everyone! I've gone nuts this months..I can't believe how much I've spent! It's just that there are too many sales! (did I just say too many sales?:rolleyes:) My family and I took a quick road trip to Houston and I got this at the Galleria there! I went in for a Gauffre, thought I'd finally get it but then I ended up getting this instead! :heart::heart: :yahoo:

    I love it cuz it looks so good on me! I'm 5'3 so sometimes the bags I like look a little odd..especially with some outfits. Anyway..as you know, you can't just buy one so I'm still lusting after another. Gauffre or something new again from the fall? Ideas? Also what do you think about the bowler? It looks much better in person..it's not all shiny and metallic as it may seem.
    houston07 091 (Large).jpg houston07 092 (Large).jpg
  2. OMG!I saw this in a tote version..The color is TDF IRL!!!!!!!!
    How much was it???
  3. Wow that was fast! I loved the tote as well..I couldn't decide between the two! The tote is actually cheaper, it's $1560 and the one I got (bowler) is $1750. If my name was "Jill" I'd get the tote AND a few more Gauffres LOL:p When I grow up I want to be like you haha:smile:

    The color is amazing, very unique! I love their browns too.
  4. Gorgeous bag -- love the shape and the leather looks just luscious !!
  5. The bowler is WAY NICER than the tote!
  6. Gorgeous - the leather looks edible in that color! Congrats!
  7. Pretty bag! Congrats. :yes:
  8. gorgeous! looks like it'll be a great classic piece to own...congrats!
  9. congrats!!
  10. I saw that at my Saks and :heart: it! It was very lovely and so decadent! It truly looks a lot better IRL!

  11. Ooh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw this at the boutique recently and drooled for a while before my friend dragged me out! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!
  12. congratsss!!!!!!
    it's pretty!!!!!
  13. Lovely bag. Congratulations.
  14. Oh that's stunning! Love it!!! I love the color and shape; what a great choice!!
  15. Holy!!!! Love it!!! We need modeling pics!!! Congrats!!