I Went H&M Crazy!!

  1. So I just got back from NYC and I went to 4 H&M's to see what Madonna stuff was left. Of course after I found those items I had to get jewelry, hats and a bunch of other dresses and tops because everything was so nice for Spring (even though it was freezing out)!
  2. Please post pix...
  3. I used to buy a lot of stuff from them, but, it was all poor quality. Hope it's improved since then! All the tops I got pretty much ended up having the seams coming undone on them.
  4. Post pics!!
    H&M just opened here in Edmonton. It wasn't really what I expected, and the Madonna collection was pretty dissapointing.
  5. The closest H&M to me is in Hong Kong, and I can't wait to go check it out. I've heard/ read so much about H&M, and I'm dying to visit a store in person! :yes:
  6. pics! I want to see how their items look like! :biggrin:
  7. ^Nymph: I can buy them in the UK and fedex to you in Singapore! I come from SweatySunnySingapoopoo too! hhehe.
  8. i am sooo anxious to finally visit a h&m in ny this summer..ive been wanting to go for a very long time!
  9. i love h&m! their stuff isn't the best quality, but they're trendy and the price is right.
  10. I'm sad. I live in texas and went to NYC in february and hardly found anything cute at H & M. =( i must go back!!!
  11. I'm pretty convinced that H&M is more like "Hit&Miss".
    Don't get me wrong, I adore some of my stuff that I have from there, but sometimes most of the stuff are just so-so quality.
    In fact I prefer Zara and Mango a lot more!

  12. I totally agree! Today I made a special trip and drove about 45 minutes to go shopping at H&M, only to buy nothing from there! Good thing Urban Outfitters made my trip worthwhile :smile: