I went crazy!!!!!!

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  1. I bought too many RM's!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have bought several RM's in the last month. Including a pre-order and a basically full price bag! I made a promise to myself not to carry a balance on my cc. In order to keep this promise I must sell a bag!

    I think I have narrowed it down to two, what should I sell? They are the most similar so it makes sense for me to sell one of these. I am having a hard time choosing because they are also my favorites! (that's probably why I have two so close!)
    They are almost exactlty the same color and I like the MA and MAM equally.

    MAM stonewash blue- Yummy
    MAB dark gray-Equally Yummy

  2. I vote to keep the Dark Grey :tup:
  3. I vote for the blue because that's the one I have and it's beautiful!! What other bags did you buy?
  4. A matinee, pre ordered a tangerine MAM, and a wine MA!
  5. blue!
  6. Keep the blue.
  7. Which size do you like better?
  8. well it depends. do u like the silver hardware better or the gold hardware? cause if u wear more silver i would go with the dark grey. but if u like the gold.. then stick with the blue. both colors are gorgeous. tough decision!!
  9. If it was me I would keep the gray. But what a hard choice.
  10. The blue MAM is my hg! If you don't want it...:graucho:
    Seriously though, if you have no preference in size of color and you use them both equally, go with the one you've gotten the most compliments on or something. Both colors probably go with the same clothes, so... :shrugs: They are both gorgeous bags and you are lucky to have owned both. Maybe pics would help?
  11. I'll try to post pics tonight, both are new. The blue one I got a week ago and used it only two days (it's been raining so I put her away) and the dark gray just came yesterday so I can't draw from use!

    I'll try to post pics of me with both so you ladies can see which one fits me best! My mom is no help she thinks they look alike! I would be too embarassed to let my friends know how obsessive I am!

    I haven't had any luck posting pics so I'm bad with technology!
  12. Which size do you like better? Since both colors are rather similar, go with the size that would work best for you. Btw, you can upload your pics to Photobucket.com and then paste the links that says IMG code here and the pic should appear. :flowers:
  13. You'll probably use the gray more so I vote keep gray. I have a dark gray/silver hardware Nikki & while it's not the most exciting of my RM bags, it's the one I use most. The blue sounds pretty but you might get tired of it.

    I can sympathize with your plight! I keep seeing new RM's I want, but I don't want to part with any I have, so I am banned.:crybaby:
  14. I vote to keep the grey too...one of my favorite RM colors!
  15. Blue!